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Daughter from Another Mother is a simple, predictable drama that takes every cliché in the baby-switch book, adds a dash of soapy tension and blends that with some strong themes about motherhood. For some, this will be the perfect show to switch off and watch, as the story twists and turns through the usual beats you’d expect from this medium. Unfortunately there’s nothing here that stands out next to so many others in this bloated genre.

The story predominantly revolves around two pregnant women from very different social backgrounds. Mariana is a 23 year old student, stuck in a difficult on/off relationship with a boy called Pablo and worried that he won’t be there for the baby she’s about to give birth to. On the other end of the social spectrum is Ana, a snobbish, uptight businesswoman who puts her job first and decides to do everything by the book. She even has a baby manual with specific instructions on how long to hold a baby for!

When the two wind up in hospital together, giving birth at the same time in adjacent beds, the unthinkable happens. Their babies are switched thanks to a medical mishap and the two women begin bonding with their children. Four months pass and both Mothers receive a call from the hospital, claiming they’ve made a mistake and need to switch the children over. Unable to part with their loved ones, Ana suggests Mariana and her family move in.

Of course, given the distinct differences between the two this causes plenty of friction and drama to ensue across the rest of the season. To spice things up further, a sordid affair between Juan Carlos, Ana’s husband, and Tere, Mariana’s Mother, threatens to break both relationships completely.

The series itself feels like a blend of Jane The Virgin, Full House and Switched At Birth, all rolled into one soapy, 9 episode drama that leaves things wide open for a second season. In fact, the finale sees a lot of the ensuing drama come spilling out as a couple of big secrets blow up in spectacular fashion.

It’s not all drama and romantic woes though, and some of the best material here comes from the two Mothers learning from each other. Everything, right down to the ever-present bottle VS breast debate is thrown in, and seeing how both Mothers tackle that with differing ideas is mostly what will keep you coming back for more.

Daughter From Another Mother isn’t interested in reinventing the wheel. Instead, this Mexican series leans into its clichés to deliver a perfectly enjoyable show that never quite breaks free from the restraints it sets itself.

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  • Verdict - 6.5/10

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  1. You missed some pretty current feminist and progressive themes emphasized among the funny cliches. For a Mexican series it’s quite radical. There are themes of feminism, empowerment, hippy free love, modern (non traditional) families, while also being truly soapy like good telenovelas. If you were familiar with the cultural landscape of Mexico with it’s traditionalism and sexism you would be impressed by how fresh and brave the show is.

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