The Daily Life of the Immortal King – Season 1 Episode 12 Recap & Review


Dog is Man’s Best Friend

Episode 12 of The Daily Life of the Immortal King (Netflix) drops us back at the Alter of Wood with Guo Hua fighting Liang Fei with his ‘mouth cannon’ in a battle of words v swords. Froggy sneaks up to catch some of the excess energy but steps back when he spots Wang Ling.

Liang Fei kicks bystander Wang Ling to the side and he dramatically falls to the grassy ground, waiting for the battle to wrap. This annoys Guo Hua who turns to insult Wang Ling and comes up with much better mouth cannon fodder. Luckily Laing Fei is standing just in front of Wang Ling, having to chop his way clear.

Guo Hua keeps flinging the insults toward Wang Ling whose emotions are starting to awaken. Surprisingly, he begins to take umbrage.

As his control begins to shatter, Froggy jumps on Wang Ling, biting his neck to absorb the negative energy. To everyone’s shock, they do seem to merge, giving Wang Ling the ability to use his force freely.

With a gentle tap he sends Liang Fei flying and captures the Alter, putting us back where left off at Episode 11. At the control centre, Professor Wang accepts the credit for teaching Wang Ling that amalgamation trick.

School 59 panics a bit over loosing their shut out as they figure out that Wang Ling isn’t as he appears. However as he captures the Alter of Fire from 60 and heads to the next one, Tang Jingze works a strategy and moves his players over comms.

Wang Ling wakes Chen Chao at the Alter of Metal, who asks about the woman who toyed with his feelings. With new-found zeal and asking if Chen Chao was on a date, he takes the Alter for 60. Chen Chao is diverted by Wang Ling’s appearance, now that he’s combined with Froggy. But he gets that single men need a dog as companion.

When Chen Chao realises that Wang Ling has turned the competition in their favour, he gives him a hearty hug. In return he receives Wang Ling’s first ever *smile*.

Militantly organised 59 immediately retrieves two of the alters, flipping the score back to 4-1. Wang Ling latches on to their tactic and spots that he can’t win the game alone. But Sun Rong taps in with an insightful plan.

She and Guo Hua head to the Alter of Fire and now we see her ‘unique skill.’ It seems that she can act like water, propelling Guo Hua as a wave. While he distracts Liang Zheng, Sun Rong sneaks toward the alter.

Elsewhere, Wang Ling captures the Alter of Water. While at the Alter of Earth, fake He Bufang chuckles, recalling the promise that he can do as he pleases as long as School 59 wins.

The Episode Review

It feels like this is the episode for which we’ve been waiting, with Wang Ling coming into his own, even with Froggy-coloured training wheels. And everyone instantly accepts that this is Wang Ling 2.0, beyond bionic. Flicking a guy into outer space is one skill. As is acquiring his new Froggy shock-absorbing cap.

Meanwhile, what is the logic of Chen Chao? A hat/scarf companion? What do they think Wang Ling means by ‘combined’? I guess it’s a way to accept his new way-beyond-five level. Likewise, perhaps they’re all too focused on the Games to care right at that moment. Along those lines, it would be nice to see School 59 get a smack down wouldn’t it?

It’s satisfying too to finally see some reaction from Wang Ling. That moment when he smiles and doesn’t recognize the sensation – brilliant. Not to mention his running style of arms out like a jet. We’ve never seen him run before have we? And Sun Rong missed it all. But maybe there’s more to come. Only three more episodes to savour after this one… ready?


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