The Daily Life of the Immortal King – Season 1 Episode 11 Recap & Review

Sun Rong’s Unique Skill

Episode 11 of The Daily Life of the Immortal King (Netflix) flashes back to Wang Ling’s parents applying his first talisman and observing that it locks away his emotions.

While in the arena, School 59 lands together thanks to Isabelle. She also confirms the locations of the scattered Team 60. 59 chooses their targets and head into battle while Tang Jingze captures the Alter of Earth. He Bufang lands near Froggy 2 at the Alter of Fire.

Guo Hua seems to be eliminated instantly, but it’s only a substitution talisman that gets shattered. Instead, he heads toward the Alter of Wood to help Wang Ling fight Liang Fei. Isabelle takes the job of fighting Chao Chen at the Alter of Metal. And Tang Jingze says he’ll settle the score with Sun Rong at the Alter of Water.

Hunger Games-style announcements confirm when an alter is taken as one by one, School 60 is defeated in combat. Chen Chao loses to Isabelle trying to be cool as her neuro-signal adaptor has him punching himself. Watching on screen, Administrator Wang notes that the destruction won’t kill any of the students, but they will suffer the pain.

Liang Fei finds a face-down Wang Ling so heads straight to the alter to capture it. Wang Ling seems happy to lie there but gets up when he hears Froggy muttering about needing just a little power to break free. Guo Hua enters the scene to attack Liang Fei.

At the Alter of Water, Sun Rong battles Tang Jingze who taunts her about her ancestors, disciples of his ancestors. At the Alter of Fire, Fake He Bufang wins then heads to support Tang Jangze. Chen Chao falls and Isabelle captures the Alter of Metal.

As Sun Rong faces two opponents, she considers escape options. With a sparkle comes a force that whips the wind and breaks the ice created by Tang Jingze. It miraculously gives Sung Rong the opportunity to escape by water.

Tang Jingze notes a significant negative energy but sends He Bufang after Sun Rong while he captures the Alter of Water. He reminds the fake He Bufang who’s in charge during the Games and promises a wish if he plays along.

Capturing a fifth alter to 60’s zero score awards 59 with a bonus called ‘Speed Up.’ But it stops when 59 captures the Alter of Wood. As Sun Rong escapes toward Guo Hua, she hears that Wang Ling has merged with Froggy. On screen a dog-headed figure rises from the alter.


The Episode Review

What are the chances that Wang Ling would have just rested until the war was over if he hadn’t heard Froggy making trouble? What a responsible chap, no? Then again, he’s meant to keep a low profile, especially with his broken talisman. And merging with Froggy? Is that a tactic to suppress him and prevent him gaining further power? Or a bit of sleight of hand?

Now that Zhou Yi is in on Wang Ling’s predicament, per the previous episode, did you wonder whether he’d jump in somewhere during this one? Maybe he’s waiting until it’s absolutely necessary rather than disturb the competition? Or perhaps he believes his ‘Master’ can handle things himself. The challenge isn’t quite over yet so there’s time for an emergency intervention. But it seems like Wang Ling is now in it to win it and taking charge. At least that’s one possible direction…

Meanwhile, we’re still a bit puzzled by Sun Rong’s ‘unique skill.’ She seems to command water – but so does Tang Jingze. Maybe we haven’t seen the unique bit yet? And who knows, there could be more to this. Maybe they really are decedents of history.


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