The Daily Life of the Immortal King – Season 1 Episode 13 Recap & Review


Episode 13 of The Daily Life of the Immortal King (Netflix) lands us back at the Alter of Metal with (fake) He Bufang on the approach and Tang Jingze confirming winning is the only rule.

Backtrack to a childhood moment with Sun Rong versus Tang Jingze at a family social. Precocious kids, they quote ancients and trill French in a battle of talents. The blade fight in their imagination represents the thousand-year rivalry of their ancestors still raging on with their ‘play-nice’ families today.

On the battlefield, Guo Hao unleashes his mouth cannon on Liang Zheng – who trips, allowing the words to zip over his head. Instead they fly on toward Sun Rong, pushing her back from the Alter of Fire. Oops.

She recalls her father’s indignation at the insult of the Tang family using forbidden arts. At that moment, Tang Jingze arrives on scene, harassing Liang Zheng for not having finished things, spurring him on. Guo Hao manages to thwart him with a wall of rock but Tang Jingze’s spirit sword knocks it down, letting Liang Zheng through.

Sun Rong flings swords at Liang Zheng who fends them off. She also lands one in the alter but the countdown doesn’t start without a player’s hands on the sword. Instructor Xie comments that Sun Rong looks to be attempting to cheat.

Tang Jingze’s spirit sword confronts Sun Rong, breaking her weapon, but she escapes. Tang Jingze mocks her for losing the opportunity to win the alter and counts his chickens claiming they have 4 of the 5. We hear how they plan to maintain the four, including keeping track of Wang Ling.

Sun Rong notes they must win the Alter of Fire but Tang Jingze smirks at her, believing it impossible. She instructs Chao Chen over comms to hold his ground as He Bufang closes in, attacking with force. He Bufang hits a nerve, taunting him with the presumption of past failures, but Chen Chao turns his recollections of training humiliations with his father to his advantage.

At the observation screen, Zhou Yi notices that He Bufang hasn’t shown his full capability yet. On site, He Bufang latches on to why it’s called the Alter of Metal – the leaves can cut like knives – and he proceeds to hurl them at Chen Chao in volume.

Back at the Alter of Fire, Sun Rong tells Guo Hao to leave things to her so he steps back a few paces. Then secretly calls on his spirit sword, Ghost Tooth. Tang Jingze continues to mock Sun Rong and she recalls losing to him as a kid. She clashes head on with his spirit sword.

Flashback to a conversation about Ghost Tooth and its powerful capability but one-use limit. Meanwhile, bored Isabelle keeps an eye on Wang Ling as he guards the Alter of Water. No action there.

Elsewhere, Chen Chao is nearing his limit with He Bufang. Wang Ling’s Dad implores them to stop the Games before people get hurt. He refers to ‘all people’ but without giving Wang Ling away.

Sun Rong fights on as does Chen Chao as he takes kicks to the head. He reminds himself that he promised he’d hold the alter. As He Bufang starts the process of retaking the Alter of Metal, Chen Chao is revitalised with giant energy-infused arms.

At the Alter of Fire a massive Fire Phoenix appears. Sun Rong and Guo Hao’s plan to distract and filter power toward Ghost Tooth worked! Sun Rong sacrifices her spirit sword to Ghost Tooth just as Chen Chao blasts He Bufang from the Alter of Metal.

Sixty captures the Alter of Fire, totalling at 3-2. Then Wang Ling wins the Alter of Wood, making it 4-1. In anger, Shadow Faction Leader bursts from her disguise as He Bufang… and we end on another cliffhanger!

The Episode Review

You thought the combustion could be Wang Ling, didn’t you? I certainly considered it. Instead we’re treated to a chapter filled with ancient quotes, poetry, and thirst-quenching backstory. The chronicle of Sun Rong and Tang Jingze explains a lot, adding richness to the battle, beyond simple determination. Their families’ honour is riding on this.

Chen Chao’s determination is also revealed – a combination of the pros and cons of being brought up with more stick than carrot. What doesn’t kill you… Even though the real He Bufang packs a powerful negative energy punch, they still don’t see it’s actually Shadow Faction Leader playing at winning to get her own ends. Yet.

Guo Hao’s spiritual sword, which resembles a pretty toy is actually an uncontrollable Fire Phoenix. It could help them win the Games or possibly take everyone out with it. Baptism by Fire for Guo Hao and everyone is a distinct possibility. Especially without Wang Ling nearby.

The only thing truly missing from this episode was a little proper Wang Ling time. How did he capture that fourth alter without Isabelle noticing? She’s no slouch so there has to be some sleight of hand going on. With that in mind, it looks like we’ll be gearing up for a rousing finale over the next two installments. Who and what will explode next?


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