Cutie Pie 2 You – Episode 2 “Love or Dream” Recap & Review

Love or Dream

Cutie Pie 2 You Episode 2 starts with Kuea waking up to a message letting him know that the Korean agency, Cosmixo Entertainment is interested in signing him. He is elated and starts a cute performance on the bed, imagining himself performing before his fans.

His cute performance is interrupted by Lian who tells him breakfast is ready. During breakfast, we learn that they have moved into a new apartment. Lian asks Kuea about his plans after graduation and their wedding. Kuea says he has thought about it a bit. Lian asks if he is thinking of pursuing his dream as Kirin and Kuea replies affirmatively. Lian tells him that he is willing to help.

Kuea asks if they can change their plans and meet at the wedding studio later. Lian is okay with this and thinks it is a good idea. Kuea meets Khondiao at the dragon’s lair and talks to him about his dilemma. He tells him about the offer by Cosmixo Entertainment and is torn on whether he should accept the offer or not.

Khondiao asks him if he is ready and willing to marry Lian. The only thing Kuea is sure about is that he wants to marry Lian. Khondiao assures him that most of the wedding preparations are already taken care of. He made a list of all things that need to be taken care of!  We all need a Khondiao in our lives.

Unfortunately, he can’t solve this dilemma for Kuea. Kuea is the only one who can decide if he will leave for Korea to pursue his dreams. Khondiao later takes Kuea to a wellness clinic to get a few beauty treatments in preparation for the wedding.

Meanwhile,  Yi pays  Lian a visit at his office and insists that Lian has to get ready for the wedding. He has arranged for a few beauty treatments for Lian so he can look as dashingly handsome on his wedding day. How is it possible that he can get more handsome? He already looks like a fairy tale prince!

While at the wellness clinic, Khondiao asks Kuea about the kind of wedding he likes. He coordinates with Yi and Foei and it is shocking to see the engaged couple want entirely different things.

Elsewhere, Nuer and Syn are at the temple. Nuer worries that he is distracting Syn from preparing for his ordination. Syn wants to be ordained since he has graduated. Nuer wants to know what Syn wants to do after being ordained.  However, Syn has not thought about the next step or leaving the monkhood yet.

The afternoon rolls by and they leave for the wedding studio to meet Khondiao and Kuea and pick a wedding suit. They first have to choose a cake and Foei ends up feeling like a third wheel among the two couples.

Lian tells Kuea that he can make the final decisions on the wedding and chooses what he wants. Kuea is surprised and wants Lian’s input as well. Kuea wants to choose the band for the wedding and Lian has no issue with it.

The couple gets separated to allow them to pick a wedding suit. Yi and Khondiao remain behind and discuss the current problem they are having as best men. Lian and Kuea want different things for their wedding. Khondiao convinces Yi to talk to Lian and make him change his mind. Yi promises to do so and invites Khondiao to go on a date later after they are done picking suits.

Khondiao makes his way to Kuea’s room to help him choose a suit. Kuea gets a call from Cosmixo Entertainment asking him to give them an answer to their offer. Kuea is excited and happy but also confused about what he should do. Khondiao advises him to talk to Lian and be open about what he wants.

Back at the temple, Syn is unable to recite the  Thai prayer and Nuer leaves to help him focus. The monk advises Syn to self-reflect on whether he is ready to be ordained.  Syn hurriedly leaves and catches up with Nuer. Nuer is curious to know what is keeping Syn from focusing on his ordination.

He thinks he is the reason and wants to leave to allow Syn to concentrate. Syn tells him that he is the one to blame because he lost his mindfulness. He doesn’t think he is ready to be ordained. Nuer assures him that he only wants to be with him and spend time together.

At the wedding studio, Lian and Kuea discuss their wedding plans and agree to a simple wedding where they can exchange vows.

They leave the wedding studio and Yi and Khondiao have their date at home. Khondiao is curious as to why they only have dates at their home.  Yi asks him if he is thinking of getting married too. Khondiao is surprised but excited at the thought of marrying the man he loves.

At home, Lian notices that Kuea is bothered by something but he can only wait until Kuea is ready to tell him the problem. After much thought, Kuea opens up to Lian and tells him about the offer from Cosmixo Entertainment. He wants to go to Korea and pursue his dream of being an artist.

Lian is heartbroken but understanding and supportive. Kuea worries about what his decision will mean for their relationship and upcoming wedding.

The Episode Review

Zee is such a good actor, you could literally see his heart breaking in the scene where Kuea tells him about going to Korea. For now, we know they love each other and Lian will support Kuea but will this wedding happen as they planned?

I want to see more of the two other couples. Is Yi considering proposing to Khondiao? I am also curious about what will happen between Nuer and Syn.

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