Cutie Pie 2 You – Episode 3 “Play or Pause” Recap & Review

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Cutie Pie 2 You Episode 3 starts with Kuea and Lian discussing the future of their relationship. Lian is supportive of Kuea going to Korea. The only question is whether they should postpone the wedding or not. They decide to push through with the wedding because they can’t live without each other.

Although you can tell that Lian is hurt, he is willing to let Kuea chase his dream because he loves him and wants him to be happy. Days go by, and each couple is working on themselves and spending time together.

Two days before the wedding 

Lian softly wakes Kuea up with kisses and loving words. He is trying to convince him to let them have sex. Kuea wants to abstain from sex until their wedding day. Of course, it is not easy given that Lian looks like a seven-course meal and keeps tempting him with kisses. However, Kuea is a strong soldier! Lol!

On the other hand, Yi and Khondiao have arrived at the resort. Khondiao is whining cutely that Yi made them arrive early and is always scolding him.  Yi asks his thoughts about the marriage talk they had earlier.  He asks him to give him an answer when he is ready but Khondiao is too surprised to speak.

Lian and Kuea soon arrive at the resort as well and are welcomed by Foei. He lets the couple know that Yi and Khondiao have already arrived. As they walk across the resort, they check on the ongoing wedding preparations that are already underway.  Yi and Khondiao go over to greet the couple.

Kuea asks for Khondiao’s help with checking the flower arrangements for the wedding. Yi and Lian are left to their own devices. Kuea is not sure about the flower arrangement and while discussing it with Khondiao, Nuer and Syn arrive. They all try to help Kuea. Foei comes back and it seems things are not going as planned.

He notifies the couple that trouble might be looming, first, the colour scheme for their wedding is ruined. There is also the concern that the weather might not allow them to hold an outdoor wedding. Lian asks if there is still time to fix the situation. Foei is positive that he can fix these issues in time and Lian threatens him saying he is fired if he fails. Lian asks for their friends’ help to try and solve the issues. They gladly help and chime in.

Soon, the night rolls by and Syn, Nuer and Khondiao take Kuea to his surprise bachelor party. They had already invited their other friends from the university. Kuea is happily surprised. Meanwhile, Yi and Lian have their own bachelor party by the pool. Most of Lian’s friends were unable to attend but they sent their regards.

Lian doesn’t mind, he considers himself the happiest man because he is about to marry the man he loves. Yi asks him if he is sure he wants to get married, and he reminds him that Thai laws dont acknowledge gay marriages.

Lian is set on marrying Kuea whether the law acknowledges it or not. He wants to protect Kuea and give him the security and protection offered in marriage. He is hoping that the laws will change and they will be able to enjoy the rights offered in any marriage. Yi notes that Lian is not getting anything from the marriage but Lian tells him that he knows that love is not enough but he and Kuea are ready to yield to each other. They want to stay together and Yi is happy for him and encourages him.

Later, Yi heads to his hotel room and discovers Khondiao is not back yet. He waits up for him and gives him a good night kiss when he gets to the room. Khondiao decides to join him in his room.

Elsewhere, Nuer and Syn are back in their room praying. After the prayers, they get ready for bed but temptation hits hard. Nuer decides to kiss Syn and things quickly escalate from there. Syn is new to this and Nuer takes his time and patiently teaches him. In the end, they decide to sleep and try another night.

Another couple getting hot and heavy is, Lian and Kuea at a secluded beach area near the resort. Lian wants reassurance from Kuea that he really wants to be married. Kuea assures him that he wants to marry him. Lian tries to change Kuea’s mind about abstaining till the wedding day and for a second, Kuea was getting lost in the kisses but he manages to stay focused on the goal. I told y’all that he is a strong soldier!

The Episode Review

I am so glad that the wedding is still on. They deserve a happy ending and I am glad that Lian was understanding and supportive. There was no drama, just pure love and assurance that they still love each other and  Kuea choosing his dream doesn’t mean the end.

I wish we saw more of Khondiao and Yi but we are still grateful to see the progress in their relationship.

Nuer and Syn were so adorable and they made our hearts swoon while still managing to make us laugh. They are so relatable.

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