Cutie Pie 2 You – Episode 1 Recap & Review

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Cutie Pie 2 You Episode 1 starts with Kuea at his graduation with his fellow classmates. Lian shows up with a bouquet of flowers to congratulate him. He asks for a peck and Kuea’s friends excitedly chant for them to kiss.

Lian believes that Kuea’s graduation means it is time for them to get married. He says he has been waiting for so long and proposes to Kuea. Kuea’s friends once again start chanting encouraging Kuea to say yes but he seems hesitant.

We are taken back to the past few months and Kuea and Nuer are working as interns at a mechanic shop.  Lian and Yi are secretly watching them from a distance. They are casually teasing each other and Yi points out that one of Kuea’s work colleagues is openly trying to flirt with Kuea.

Kuea and Nuer are at the end of their internship and it is their last day. Their boss invites them for drinks to celebrate. The work colleague, Sia insists on picking Kuea up but Nuer assures him there is no need. Once Sia leaves, Nuer points out to Kuea that Sia is trying to get close to him but Kuea naively thinks that he is just being friendly. Nuer tells him that Sia is only friendly to him

At the celebration, the team starts off having a good time, sharing drinks and their boss offers Kuea and Nuer jobs but they decline. Kuea wants to focus on music and Nuer is still figuring out what he wants to do.

Nuer gets a call from Syn who wants to catch up. Nuer mentions that he is having dinner with his team but he is distracted on the call as he is watching Kuea and Sia. Syn gets annoyed that Nuer seems busy and quickly ends the call. He is expecting Nuer to call him back but Nuer heads back to his team.

Meanwhile, Sia tries to make a move on Kuea and places his hands seductively on his hips. Kuea immediately calls him out for the inappropriate breach of personal space. Sia defends himself saying he thought Kuea was into him. He asks Kuea if he has a boyfriend and Kuea tells him about how hot, handsome and amazing in bed his boyfriend is. I love it when Kuea gets savage! Also, he didn’t lie, Lian is an amazing boyfriend.

Kuea and Nuer decide to leave, Kuea is already drunk and Nuer asks if he should drop him off. Kuea turns his offer down and Nuer leaves after seeing Lian. Kuea is happy to see Lian and hurriedly gives him a hug. Kuea didn’t know Lian was coming but he is elated to see him. Lian tells him that he wanted to surprise him and he takes him home.

Upon arriving home, Lian is surprised to see Kuea’s choice of decor particularly the large photo of him. I swear Kuea and his couple photos (at least this time they are real ) give us second-hand embarrassment but it is still so endearing!

Lian asks if Kuea missed him and he responds that he did. They start making out and Lian tells him he missed him too. The kissing gets intense and they fall on the sofa. As the kisses get steamier, Kuea tells Lian that he likes being with him. Lian realizes that Kuea is drunker than he thought.

He stops their kisses from going any further much to Kuea’s frustration and tells him he wants to make love to him when he is sober. That way, Kuea can be aware of his hugs, kisses and every other touch. Kuea is frustrated but agrees to go shower and get ready for bed.  Lian did the right thing and this shows how much he loves and respects Kuea.

Elsewhere, Yi goes back to the city to pick up his boyfriend, Khondiao. Khondiao is surprised as he didn’t expect Yi to be back from his trip. Yi tells him that he wanted to be back to celebrate his last day of internship. They get into the car and Khondiao asks where they are off to. Yi answers that they are heading home and insinuates that he has missed Khondiao.

They don’t manage to get home as their feeling for each other overwhelms them and they start making out in the car.

The next morning, Kuea wakes up alone and rushes to the mechanic shop to hand in his internship report. He finds Lian waiting for him across the mechanic shop and he bought the whole team congee. His boss is delighted and praises Kuea and Nuer for being good team members.

Later, Kuea gets a call from Jay informing him that a Korean entertainment agency is interested in him. Jay also tells him that he already sent the Korean agency his profile.

Lian meets with Yi and Khondiao who were running late after their late-night rendezvous in the car. Yi asks Lian if he is attending the special interns’ party later that night but Lian had no idea that there will be a party. He was planning to leave after seeing Kuea.  He decides to stay back and attend the party.

At the temple, Syn is praying to try and figure out if he should call Nuer or not. He is still a bit angry with him. He decides to visit Nuer and celebrate the end of his internship together at the party.

Nuer and Kuea hand in their final reports and their boss congratulates them. He reminds them of the Interns’ party and asks them to present the best show of the night. Sia asks to speak to Kuea and apologizes for his behaviour.

Night rolls by, and Lian, Yi, Khondiao, and Syn attend the party. Kuea puts up a great performance and Lian uses the opportunity to congratulate him and kiss him (marking his territory in front of Sia.)

Syn and Nuer make up and admit they miss each other.

Back to the present, Lian proposes to Kuea at his graduation and everyone is waiting for his answer. He takes a moment to think about it and finally says yes.

The Episode Review

Zeenunew, MaxNat and TutorYim still have great chemistry and that just makes this show so much fun to watch.

I hope we will see more of the other couples and are looking forward to seeing how their relationships will be by the end of the next three episodes.

I am concerned that Kuea took a long time to give his answer. Hesitation at such a life-changing moment can sometimes be a sign of trouble. Is there trouble in paradise?

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Expect A Full Season Write-Up When This Season Concludes!
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