Cold Blooded Intern – K-drama Episode 10 Recap & Review

The Beginning Of The No-Pregnancy Contract

Episode 10 of Cold Blooded Intern picks up where the previous episode left off. We witness Hae-ra and Ji-won arguing. Ji-won then has a terrible headache. She urges Hae-ra to stop meddling in her life when she offers to help. Ji-won then leaves, and Hae-ra vows never to have Ji-won’s back again.

Hae-ra runs into her friends on her way home. They continue by telling Hae-ra about Yi-young’s father being summoned to school as she was pen-inking tattoos on a few kids. When Hae-ra returns home, she confronts Yi-young and Su-pyo. She lashes out and says that she has no idea why Yi-young wants to be a tattoo artist. Yi-young reveals that she wants to cover her scars, which leaves Hae-ra speechless.

Meanwhile, Ji-won’s mother is waiting for her. When Ji-won arrives, she lashes out at her. Her mother, on the other hand, hands her a few property transferring documents. At this point, Seo-joon listens in on the entire exchange.

The following day, Gwang-soo walks in on Ji-won’s group at Market House. He assigns Hae-ra some quality work considering that he is impressed with her. Later on that day, Hae-ra and the other employees discover that Ji-won has fired their wet wipes supplier and replaced him with someone else. They are caught off guard and puzzled by Ji-won’s actions.

Hae-ra meets with a client for business shortly after that. When she arrives, the client turns out to be Ji-won’s old acquaintance and her former subordinate.

When she and Hae-ra have the opportunity to have a conversation, she tells Hae-ra the manner in which Ji-won and she lost their jobs as a consequence of the initial signer of the no-pregnancy contract. She continues by asking Hae-ra about Ji-won’s child.

Hae-ra feels guilty because she was the first to sign that contract. She’s also aware that Ji-won doesn’t have a child, so she’s even more confused. Hae-ra is working late at the office that day. At home, Yi-young is persuaded by Su-pyo to apologize to Hae-ra through text message, and she does so.

Ji-won is soon set to leave the office. She is stopped by Hae-ra, who apologizes for having agreed to the no-pregnancy clause. Following this, Hae-ra asks her if she quit the job because of her. Ji-won continues by saying that Hae-ra is the only person who may have made her success possible. She does, however, state this in a harsh manner.

We are transported back to the past. We find that Ji-won was expecting. However, she was under pressure to abort the kid from her boyfriend and parents. Due to the stress, Ji-won miscarries the baby.

However, when Ji-won is contemplating committing suicide Hae-ra shows up. Hae-ra tells Ji-won to stop being so nice and a pushover, unaware of what Ji-won is about to do. She continues by advising her to stop caring so much about other people and to focus solely on what is right for her. This causes Ji-won to transform in some way.

Ji-won experiences dizziness in the present and collapses to the ground. Hae-ra immediately takes her to the hospital following that. The doctor tells Ji-won that she is pregnant in the episode’s closing moments, and Hae-ra is shocked to hear about this new development.

The Episode Review

After Yi-young runs into problems at school, Su-pyo goes to talk to her teacher. Hae-ra is furious when she learns the true reason Yi-young finds herself in turmoil. Hae-ra meets an old coworker from SY Company, through whom she learns precisely why Ji-won decided to leave her job back in the day. Hae-ra is so upset that she decides to apologize to Ji-won.

The episode stays true to the K-drama’s usual mood. It’s amusing and a little bit intense in an enjoyable way; this is a winning combination. The show’s charm comes from the way it deals with significant concerns without losing its sense of humor.

In episode 10, we learn the shocking truth about what made Ji-won turn cold. This fresh understanding gives her character a lot of nuance and makes her more sympathetic. Cold Blooded Intern’s major characters are being explored with great depth and complexity; they are, thus, very compelling. This episode is a real pleasure to watch and easily ranks among the finest of the series.

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