Cold Blooded Intern – K-drama Episode 11 Recap & Review

The Beginning Of The Beginning

Episode 11 of Cold Blooded Intern continues where the previous one left off. Ji-won discovers she is pregnant. Hae-ra attempts to help her after she leaves the hospital. However, Ji-won, as usual, dismisses her attempts and walks away.

The following morning, Hae-ra pays close attention to what Ji-won eats. When the office colleagues order coffee, she gets Ji-won a non-caffeinated beverage. When the employees ask for sushi, she orders cooked fish to accommodate Ji-won’s pregnancy. When Hae-ra goes to the loo, Ji-won quickly follows. She confronts Hae-ra about her behaviour and asks her to stop.

Meanwhile, Su-pyo is unable to study due to interior renovations at his neighbor’s house. He goes to the library and studies for a while before leaving. While heading home, Su-pyo catches Yi-young holding a guy’s hand. When he attempts to approach them, they both run away.

Ji-won pays a visit to Gwang-soo’s cabin to discuss her promotion but he confronts her about her pregnancy. She assures him that she will not give birth to the child. He, on the other hand, refuses to promote her. She gets extremely angry and leaves the office to calm down.

In the meantime, Gwang-soo takes Hae-ra out for a meal. He asks her to speak out against Ji-won because she urged her to force pregnant women to retire. He even promises to help her advance in her profession if she follows his instructions. At this point, Hae-ra is in two minds.

When Hae-ra returns to the office, a man who had previously lost his contract because of Ji-won appears. When he begs Ji-won to give him his contract back as he didn’t do anything unprofessional, she refuses to listen to him. Following this, he creates a scene. Ji-won’s selfishness and behaviour cause Hae-ra to reflect on Gwang-soo’s proposal.

She then pays a visit to Ji-won’s cabin. She proceeds by telling her what Gwang-soo has requested her to do. She informs Ji-won that she is going to speak out against her since what she and Ji-won did was wrong. Ji-won tells her that she may lose her job as well because she was involved in persuading Moon-jung to resign. Hae-ra assures her that she doesn’t care and will always do the right thing and walks away.

During the final moments of the episode, Hae-ra stands up against Ji-won at the board meeting. When Ji-won is asked to speak the truth, she confesses delighting the illegal task to Hae-ra and the episode comes to a close.

The Episode Review

Ji-won’s pregnancy is revealed during episode 11 of Cold Blooded Intern. In-wook expresses his feelings to Seung-ju. Ji-won is exposed by Hae-ra, and she accepts responsibility for her actions. The entire episode is a rollercoaster ride, with the tone shifting from light to thrilling. The character arcs have also developed in an impressive manner.

The character development of Hae-ra and So-jin is outstanding. Furthermore, Ji-won makes for a fitting grey character as her motivations and past experiences really do make you empathize with her situation. The episode concludes on an unparalleled note. Given that we only have one episode to watch, it will be interesting to see how the loose ends are resolved.

Will Ji-won give birth to her child? Will Ji-won become a better person? Will Hae-ra be able to keep her job at Market House? Will Hae-ra’s friends forgive her after her revelation? All of these gaps in the plot will be revealed in the final episode.

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