Cold Blooded Intern – K-drama Episode 9 Recap & Review

The Beginning Of The Tightrope Walk

In episode 9 of Cold Blooded Intern, we see Ji-won giving tasks to the Market House employees that she manages. She excludes Hae-ra from task responsibilities. She then requests that Ji-won give her some responsibilities, which she then receives.

While everything is going on, Won-hae has Ji-won do some shady activities like firing suppliers. In order to sway Ji-won in his favor, he tells her that he and his staff are rooting for her to take on Seo-joon as the company’s director.

At the workplace, Jae-seob and In-wook are heard discussing the upcoming soccer game. During the game, they get to hang out with Gwang-soo, the director of Market House.

Taking advantage of the current circumstances, Hae-ra talks So-jin into coming along to the game to show support. Since she is currently the sole provider for her family, she proposes this as a means of advancing in her career.

Hae-ra pulls off an impressive late-game goal to seal the victory for her squad, winning over the director in the process. Meanwhile, at home, Yi-young informs her father Su-pyo that he has been called to her school, perhaps due to a blunder she is guilty of.

After the game, the director, Hae-ra, and the rest of the participants head to a pub for a drink. Hae-ra soon discovers Gwang-soo’s intention to sabotage Ji-won and take advantage of her efforts.

Hae-ra tells Ji-won about Gwang-soo’s plans in the episode’s final minutes. Ji-won, however, informs Hae-ra that she is already aware of this. After that, she asks Hae-ra to stay out of her business. The episode ends with Ji-won suffering from a severe headache.

The Episode Review

In episode 9, Hae-ra accompanies Director Ju to a soccer game. She does this in order to win his favor, but she finds herself entangled in the drama as well. Meanwhile, under Director Ju’s direction, Ji-won fires one of the company’s suppliers and replaces him with Director Oh’s friend.

The episode is enjoyable and true to the way office politics and rivalries play out. Hae-ra, Ji-won, and So-jin, among others, all seem to be making progress in their own character arcs as the K-drama goes on.

Now that Hae-ra has softened up, it will be interesting to see if she is able to advance in the corporate world. We’ll have to wait and see how the story unfolds in the upcoming episodes.

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