Classroom for Heroes – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

The Springtime of Life at Rosewood Academy

Episode 7 of Classroom for Heroes begins with Blade slashing through each of his batchmates before finally facing Sophie as blood drops off his sword. She questions her ability to take on Blade even if she gave her everything. Blade confirms there’s only one way to find out.

Sophie uses her time-stopping ability and deals 3 fatal blows to Blade. Once it’s done, Blade still stands strong. Blade reveals the Adamantine Body technique that he used to toughen up his body. He approaches Sophie and drives a sword through her chest, killing her.

Everyone snaps out of the virtual reality, and His Majesty explains that it’s part of a lost stream of Magic called science, explaining its wonder in practical training.

His Majesty changes the scene to Candy Land for more training. Earnest goes completely rogue and enjoys tearing down Leonard as he compliments her. She searches for Blade to be her next victim.

Just then, Clay and Kassim have a tag match with Claire and Yessica. The boys boast about never having lost to the girls, but the girls are determined to change that. They question why the boys aren’t willing to lose against them. The boys drop their guard for a moment, and the two of them strike, claiming victory.

Earnest walks in with a vicious expression as she approaches Blade. She expresses the enjoyment of killing as she charges to stab Blade. Blade uses Endless Flash to end everyone.

Snapping back to reality, Earnest cries about her loss to Blade. His Majesty boasts about his idea, but Earnest is infuriated due to the humiliation she had to face. Earnest takes control of the computer and sets it to the toughest modes possible.

He plugs the computer into His Majesty and sends him into the virtual reality world to face the demons. He asks Siren to set it to respawn him after every death until nightfall. Everyone is hungry and walks off for lunch except for Clay and Kassim. The two sit and hang their heads in shame.

During the lunch break, Clay and Kassim sit away from the group. The girls urge them to come over and eat along with them, but the two feel too humiliated to join them for lunch. Blade gets Earnest up to speed about what happened. Blade’s explanation only makes them feel worse, and they shift further.

Blade approaches Dione with a flyer for the newly built Thermae. Dione takes all of them over to the Rosewood Thermae, a large and beautiful bath, and the group decides on mix-bathing.

Blade is surprised to see Maria and not Mao. She explains that Mao would have taken off the swimsuit. Yessica taunts that all the boys there aren’t 5-year-olds. Claire notices Clay and Kassim are aloof from the group. Earnest pops out with a towel wrapped around herself as she is too shy.

Just then, His Majesty shows up nude, claiming the Thermae is meant to be entered nude, but Earnest argues that it’s mix-bathing. He even tells her that towels aren’t allowed in the Thermae. He exclaims that he wants to see the girls without clothes. Everyone is disgusted with his behavior.

Yessica encourages her to take it off, explaining it’s not a big deal considering she was naked the first time she wielded the demon sword.

Siren knocks His Majesty out as he creates a ruckus, not allowing anyone to enjoy, but Earnest regrets not taking it off.

Claire and Yessica approach the boys to sympathize with them. Claire calls their win a fluke to make them feel better and apologizes for winning. This makes the boys feel even more humiliated, and they run away.

Later that night, Blade tries to make them feel better with a pep talk, telling them it’s alright to lose. Clay explains not wanting to lose to Yessica as he likes her. Blade claims to like her too, but they realize he means it in a different way. Kassim also confesses to liking Claire.

Just then, Cu bursts into the room through the windows, revealing that she was there listening all along. She advises them to become stronger, as females like males stronger than them. Cu recommends they do so by training under Blade.

The girls have a girl’s night to celebrate their win over the boys. Cu hears their conversation and recommends that they train harder, as boys are attracted to strong females. Claire suggests they skip practice and let the boys become stronger. They run through a few ideas, like purposely letting the boys win and skipping practice.

The next day, they hop into the virtual reality once again to settle the battle. The boys and girls display their fighting spirits, trained under Blade and Earnest. They have a furious battle, and the girls emerge victorious once again.

At the end of the battle, they shake hands and settle their differences. The boys also discover that all the girls helped them learn their fighting spirits. The boys jokingly claim that all the girls were ganging up on them.

Earnest yells at them and questions them for thinking it’s wrong to fall in love with someone who is stronger than them.

The Episode Review

This episode introduces the new Virtual Reality system, which they hilariously referred to as a part of the lost branch of magic known as science, in the anime’s world.

The virtual reality system is utilized by all the students, but the chapter focuses on the matches between Clay and Kassim versus Claire and Yessica. The anime attempts to depict both the acceptance of hypergamy in males and telling them it’s alright to lose.

As the central focus of the episode, the battles are fleetingly brief, wrapping up prematurely and leaving viewers with too little to savor.

With every new episode, the anime degrades in maturity. The anime feels like it has been made for 7-year-olds but at the same time has too much nudity for that to be considered. More than halfway through the season, the anime as a whole lacks a definite direction with short-term events sprinkled all along while having no effect on the plot as a whole.

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