Classroom for Heroes – Season 1 Episode 10 Recap & Review

I’m Looking for Something Tastier than Me

Episode 10 of Classroom for Heroes begins with Blade questioning Earnest about a celebration happening in the lunchroom. She is astonished to find out that he isn’t aware of what it is and reveals to him it is a birthday celebration.

Later that day, she discusses it with the girls over teatime and Dione informs her that his birthday is in about a month’s time. The group begins to plan something special for Blade. Just then, His Majesty overhears them and interrupts to tell them that Tonkatsu Curry will be a great present.

The next day, the emperor opens the gates to all the students and assigns them the task of venturing out and consuming a total of 100 million calories for each person. He also warns them about the dangerous beasts roaming the forests and advises caution.

Claire and Yessica are found hunting in tribal clothes while a beast chases Claire down. Leonard attempts to rescue her but is knocked away instantly. They manage to trick and trap the beast in a pit.

Meanwhile, at night, the students work at their settlement, with each person doing their assigned job. Later that night, while Blade rests in the bath, Earnest approaches him and sits beside him in the pool. She asks him about his past and begins to lean into him. Just then, Claire bursts out of the bushes and pushes her away.

The next day, all the students assemble in front of the emperor as he announces a new goal, as they are on the path to accomplishing the first one with ease. The second goal entails collecting multiple ingredients, and the students happily oblige.

Earnest, Blade, and the others face off against the first ingredient, the cabbage cultivar. Earnest holds back using her flaming sword, as they need it raw, but manages to overcome it with the help of all the students. Right after that, they head over to a boxing corn, where Blade puts on boxing gloves and engages in battle against the corn to overpower it.

The group goes on to collect several other ingredients until they arrive at a field of massive sunflowers. They overlook three giant sunflowers in the middle of the field and are instantly attacked by energy beams shot out of the sunflowers. Cu and Mao unleash a flurry of attacks on the sunflowers to defeat them.

The group then comes across a field of huge carrots that scream extremely loudly when tugged at. Being a cyborg, Iona rips them out one by one while the others cover their ears.

That night, the students feast on their dinner as the emperor tells them about the task they accomplished. He also informs them about the final ingredient they will have to face the next day.

On the next day, the group faces off against the Beast King. Right before the battle can begin, the beast is slashed in half by another monster. The emperor orders the kids to fight the behemoth, as its meat will be a fine choice.

The students unleash a barrage of attacks on the behemoth. Sophie, Iona, Cu, Mao, and Earnest attack, but are unable to deal any damage. Just before the behemoth can fire a beam of energy, Leonard steps in between and uses Absolute Defense to protect the people.

Blade steps up to use his attack, but Mao brings it to his notice that he has to exceed his strength limit to initiate the attack. Blade requests Mao’s help and they both hold hands. Mao leans over and kisses him while confessing her love for him.

The group initiates a series of attacks. Sophie strikes first with her gravity manipulation technique, followed by a positronium cannon strike by Iona. All the other students follow with their own attacks as Blade and Mao team up to unleash the Holy Demon Blade and end the behemoth. Upon victory, Blade lies in Mao’s lap after exhausting his energy in the attack.

The next day, Blade visits the doctor, but she informs him he can now use 18% of his power. Upon entering the lunch room, he is greeted by a big surprise from his friends. They tell him it is his birthday, as despite not knowing his actual birth date, they know the day he was fostered. They offer him to feast on the meal they prepared for him from the ingredients they hunted down.

Blade takes a bite from the dish but holds something back. The emperor asks him to open up, to which he recalls an old saying that boys don’t cry. The emperor assures him it’s all right and watches Blade cry tears of joy.

The Episode Review

The anime finally comes out with an intriguing episode when expectations were the lowest. Episode 10 of Classroom for Heroes revolves around the efforts made to celebrate Blade’s birthday and comes in a complete package, including a solid storyline, goal, action sequences, fellowship, and everything needed to make the episode fun to watch.

The quality of the humor has drastically improved just by not creating unrealistic situations to blast the sexualization of characters. The episode once again starts with a new plot and ends in the same episode, but that is expected as of now.

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