Classroom For Heroes – Season 1 Episode 9 Recap & Review

The Superorganism Suppression Committee

Episode 9 begins with Blade defeating all his classmates in their sparring round. Leonard remains the only one standing and challenges Blade to impress Earnest. Blade defeats him simply by dodging his lance charge, leaving Leonard feeling miserable about being unable to impress Earnest.

The next day, Mao and Leonard discuss their desire to defeat Blade, and she encourages him towards the goal. Leonard decides to fight Blade, as that is the only way to gain recognition from the Empress.

The students call for a meeting with Leonard to discuss a strategy to defeat Blade. Claire comes up with a plan to attack him in his sleep, and Yessica suggests they poison him. Earnest finds these ways to be cowardly, but Eliza justifies them by saying Blade is a superorganism. Earnest endorses the use of bows and lances against blades.

Unable to agree on a particular method, they decide to each try their own. The next day, Earnest uses Leonard’s lance to attack Blade but ends up breaking it. Claire attempts to attack him in his sleep but is attacked by Iona as she keeps a watch over Blade at night. The next evening, Leonard attempts to fight Blade with his fixed-up lance, but it malfunctions and explodes before he can even attack.

Blade defeats every one of his classmates with a single strike. Earnest decides to try some new competitions, including Rock, Paper, Scissors, the Ice Bath Challenge, and the Steam Bath Challenge. He emerges victorious in every one of the competitions.

The students run out of challenges for Blade. They get ready to give up trying to overpower Blade; however, Earnest is still determined. Just then, they remember the strategy they developed for Iona when she held her life hostage against Blade. The group decides to proceed with something similar.

The next day, during the medical class, three terrorists wearing masks raid the class and hold the teacher hostage. The girls get jealous of the teacher, as she will be saved by Blade. They get into a quarrel and ask the terrorists to hold them hostage as well.

Meanwhile, Blade sits in his place with no clue what being held hostage even means. Cu explains the concept of hostages; however, Blade is still not able to grasp the concept. He abruptly questions Leonard and the boys about their masks, telling them he knows it’s make-believe.

Cassim decides to proceed with the plan, threatening to use the girls as food if Blade doesn’t accept defeat. Leonard pressures Blade to give up, as he did against Iona, but Blade refuses, seeing the difference in the situation. Leonard grabs Earnest and holds a sword at her neck, threatening to slit it.

In response, Blade uses a slash to send a roaring wind toward the boys ripping away their clothes and rendering them naked. Earnest gets infuriated and attacks Blade along with the others. They are once again humbled by Blade and give up hopes of defeating him. 

The Episode Review

This episode of Classroom for Heroes continues the trend as the students embark on a new quest which ends during the final scenes. This time Blade, being on the other side of the tussle, faces the students as they try every trick in the book to get him to admit defeat.

We also see Leonard featured in a new light as he takes up the most initiative to collect everyone against Blade. Despite the big change in taking charge, we see an odd contrast as he still maintains his devotion to Earnest.

Blade, being the target, manages to absolutely overpower everyone who rivals him. Unfortunately, this doesn’t give the anime an opportunity to display any thrilling action sequences. The series as a whole also lacks a direction and a defined path. It’s safe to say that each of these episodes can be watched individually, as there is almost no connectivity between episodes in the storyline.

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