Classroom for Heroes – Season 1 Episode 11 Recap & Review

The Sophie Series – Part 1

Episode 11 of Classroom for Heroes begins with a training session in the arena. The boys strangely see Sophie’s doppelganger carrying a sword into the arena. Thinking it is Sophie, they request her to use the sword and she unleashes the special move Dragon Smash on the target and also rips Clay and Kassim’s clothes off. Sophie steps in between and tells Blade that she will protect him.

Everyone is astonished to see two Sophies. Just then Une uses Dragon Smash to disappear. Following that, Une returns to a warehouse filled with more clones who inquire about her encounter at the academy. They get frustrated that Une returned without completing the mission. Trios talks down on her, to which she responds by telling Cinq to destroy her.

Deux kisses her to transmit empirical data through mucosal contact. They go around transmitting the data to each other to see what is unfurled at the arena. Just as they learn Une used Dragon Smash, the warehouse blows up as they taunt her. The same day, the students practice combat in the arena. Duex shows up, and a fight erupts between her and Blade. Just then, Sophie shows up and challenges Deux to a fight, but she quickly runs away. 

At lunch, the students discuss the recent happenings of the doppelgangers showing up. Blade notices Sophie being a little strange as she swears to protect him. Back in the warehouse, the prototypes discuss killing Blade. An unknown entity then summons them, reiterating their mission and urging them to kill Blade. 

That night, Sophie walks into Blade’s room while he is asleep. She encounters Iona who informs her everything is alright. Sophie then leaves the room and encounters Une. Sophie tries to talk her out of it, but Une instead attacks Sophie. Sophie deflects the hit and throws her on the ground to mount her, but stops right before striking. Sophie decides to let her go.

The next day, Cinq shows up in the VR world and begins chasing Blade, attempting to punch him. Blade gets hit on the head by a stone and trips, allowing Cinq to beat his head into a pulp. Exiting the VR, his friends explain that Cinq thought it was all real and left. 

Later that day, Cinq bursts through the building wall looking for Blade and is infuriated. Blade and Iona run through the corridors as Cinq chases them. Just then, Deux bursts into the corridors and chases Blade. Blade runs into the hall, where the mages are ready to cast their spells.

The mages cast their spells but are unable to stop the two. Earnest and Blade step in to defend the mages from the two doppelgangers. Cinq and Quatre join hands and create a black hole, sucking everything in its proximity. Just then, Sophie jumps in and conceals the black hole in her palms. Blade finally sees all of Sophie’s doppelgangers as they walk away from the scene.

Later that day, Sophie regains consciousness and apologizes for the recent happenings. Blade assures her that there is nothing to worry about. Sophie proceeds to explain that the clones were created with the same technology as she is by the Artificial Great Hero project. She tells him about how His Majesty rescued her and how she changed her ways. 

Blade expresses that he would love to make friends with them and have them enroll in the school, however, Sophie regretfully believes that isn’t possible as they are programmed to be that way.

The Episode Review

Classroom for Heroes finally enters its penultimate episode, and given that it has not had a build-up throughout the season, it now attempts to create a finale-worthy situation using the clones of Sophie as brought to light in the second episode of the series.

The finale of the season seems to revolve around the clones attacking Blade and Sophie stepping in between to fight them off. It might not be the best way to end a season through such unexpected means, but the alternative ship has sailed long ago.

Episode 11 of Classroom for Heroes is, however, a step up from the early episodes in the series. The unnecessary sexualization has been reduced to a certain extent, and the episodes have a more intriguing style of story writing. It is most likely that the season will end with a final battle against the clones, with the usual happy-ending narrative of the anime.

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