Class – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Episode 4

Episode 4 of Class starts with Bahugana, the bodyguard, asked to stay close to Suhani by her mother. In the past, Vandana is interrogated by the police about an alleged affair with Suraj.

Faruq tells Dhruv how his uncle Shabbir was killed for being a homosexual and the two vow never to give up on each other. Dhruv’s father thinks his son is having an affair with a girl but Dhruv doesn’t correct him. Veer tries to apologize to Saba with an expensive gift but she asks him to stay away. Neeraj comes back to discover that Dheeraj and their father were beaten by Chowdhury’s goons. The mafia has asked for a meeting the next day.

Chowdhary gives Neeraj a gun and even says that he does not need to pay him back. But in return, he asks him to kill someone. Balli asks Koel to invite him to her mother’s birthday if she wants him to participate in the threesome. Balli aspires to become a model and Koel’s mother is in the fashion industry. Suhani invites Dheeraj to Koel’s mother’s party. Dheeraj sees Neeraj’s gun under the bed. It is the night of the party and we see Dheeraj has come with Suhani. Teens in Koel’s social circle raise eyebrows over her public affection for Balli.

Dhruv confides in Veer about his homosexuality and he is supportive. Veer asks Dhrv to trust him about his personal life and looks out for him. At the party, we learn that Suhani and Koel were friends when they were kids. She shows him around her room. Koel shows them her father’s collection of phones and we catch Suhani looking at the combination to the door. Veer goes to Saba’s home to apologize. His apology is heartfelt but Saba’s father catches him mentioning Saba came to his house.

Saba does not accept it once again. She explains her innocence to her father and it is all good between them but with lesser trust. Suhani turns away when Dheeraj tries to kiss her at the party. She narrates her entire life story. Her parents wanted a boy but she was born first. Her being dark-skinned didn’t help either and they exposed her to psychiatric treatment in her childhood. She grew up around pills and became addicted. She became a junkie.

Suhani met Mayank Taneja through an online dating app. They grew close. She went to a hotel to meet him and they had sex. Mayank talked her into doing things she wouldn’t have done otherwise. He leaked all their private pictures, videos, and texts online one day. Mayank had done something like this before with someone else as well. Her parents did not end up filing an FIR to save their faces. Veer took revenge on Mayank and badly beat him at his own office with his group of friends.

Balli strip dances at Koel’s mother’s party and proceeds with the threesome plan. But Sharan only watches. Neeraj is instructed on the phone to reach his Target. He discovers that the man is the burned down school’s peon. The man reveals that the school was deliberately set on fitey. Neeraj asks him to report this to the police.

Chowdhary’s goons learn of Neeraj’s betrayal and keep his family hostage. Suhani sleeps with Neeraj and he reveals the truth about the school to her. Dheeraj gets a video of someone’s head getting bashed with a stone. Chowdhary calls him the next second and reveals it is the peon from the Noorpur school. If Dheeraj wants his father not to go through the same ordeal, he must return 20 lacs by next Saturday.

The Episode Review

Never be afraid to express yourself as freely as Balli! The rockstar has truly set the world of Hampton’s richest alight with his presence. He might be in a predicament in the present day, but he sure seems the most interesting, vibrant character at the surface. Deeper roots were lodged into many of the characters in this episode, foremostly Suhani.

I felt that perhaps she is too squarely victimized, unlike Marina in Elite. They share the same arches but Suhani somehow comes more lopsidedly written. Dhruv and Faruq too had an update in their relationship and worldview vis-a-vis their homosexuality. It must be said the writers have handled that part delicately and in a way that is not derisive to the community.

Neeraj has proven to be the one who brings down the order of things. Dheeraj and his father are in big trouble. That ending just makes the upcoming episodes very exciting.

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