Class – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

Episode 3

Koel calls Balli for the plan with Sharan as episode 3 of Class kicks off. They have sex and Sharan watches them through a peephole.

In the present, Balli is being questioned by the police. They find Sharan’s voice recording saying Balli is a drug peddler. They question him about the rave party he threw for the rich kids. Back in the past, Suhani tries to apologize to Dheeraj for the video at school but he isn’t ready to make amends. She asks him to come along to Balli’s party as a date but Dheeraj is not comfortable with her getting wasted.

Balli distributes flyers for his party. Sharan gets upset over Balli and Koel’s growing closeness, although she still does not want to be seen with him in public. Yashika is not selected for the Model UN competition team but Saba is. She talks to Vandana, the principal of the school about it. Instead of sympathy, she asks Yashika to be more focused on her studies than social media. Veer once again confronts Dhruv about his absence from Veer’s life. But things are not resolved as Dhruv does not want to talk about his homosexuality to Veer.

Suhani ditches her bodyguard Bahugana to meet with Dheeraj and goes to the party. Veer is sent by his parents to get Suhani from the party and he asks for Saba’s help. She makes an excuse to her father and goes to the party. Dheeraj is still reeling under the effects of the pill that Suhani gave him. Veer comes to take Suhani but she is not ready to leave. Balli interrupts him and asks Veer not to create a scene and leave peacefully. What Saba thinks is juice is actually a punch that is laced with heavy drugs. Yashika is at home and silently admires her relationship with Veer.

Koel does not want to go to Sharan’s dinner with his family and instead wants to go to the party. Veer sees Dhruv kissing Faruq. Saba starts feeling the effects of the drugs. Neeraj dances with Suhani, while his brother is fast asleep after having a high. He follows her to the bathroom where she is doing drugs and makes out with her. In the present, Balli tries to explain that Neeraj wanted to settle scores with Ahuja by getting with suhani. But the police threaten Balli with long jail time. By the time anymore could happen, the police raided the party.

Faruq and Dhruv are arrested while they were making out on the terrace. Suhani brings back Neeraj to her house and they have sex. Neeraj slips away and tries to steal money from the locker. He hears noises from outside and stops. It is Veer, who has brought Saba back. Neeraj escapes from the house. Veer checks on Suhani and comes back to Saba, who stands by the pool. She rants about her father’s restrictions and goes into the pool. Veer thinks first of following Yashika’s plan but then decides not to do anything and sends Saba home.

At the police station, Balli asks Chowdhary to give a call and bail them out. The plan works. But Faruq is left behind and mercilessly beaten by the police. Dhruv isn’t but once the station officer discovers that he has money, Dhruv is sent to draw money from an ATM. Both are released and Faruq warns Dhruv to stay away for his own good.

Saba and Veer bonded over last night when he didn’t take advantage of her. But when Yashika tells Saba the truth, she gets angry and slaps Veer in front of everyone. Balli is okay with Sharan and Koel’s plan. Dheeraj gets paranoid about the last night and confronts Neeraj about it. But he dismisses his suspicions. Suhani meets up with Neeraj but feels guilty. Neeraj is quick to take her attention away by wooing her. In the present, Neeraj accuses Suhani’s family of killing her and asks Bindra to investigate what happened to Suhani last year.

The Episode Review

It has to be said that Class does not have a true peer in the Indian television space. We have not had such representations of the rich thus far and Class is turning out to be more fun than one imagined previously. This episode was the first taste of the personal demons of the characters catching up with them.

Whatever happened with Suhani definitely affects everything that happened to her and the rest of her family and friends. Koel and Balli are getting closer, although it is difficult to see how it will go to the next stage. She still seems more or less in control. Saba and Veer seem to have developed a purer bond not affected by their social status. They genuinely seem like an interesting angle and let’s see how that progresses.

Neeraj’s involvement always keeps things interesting. The criminal and unpredictable element in the show comes mostly from Neeraj’s deviousness and rebellious side. It is bound to hurt his nearer ones someday.

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