Class – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

Episode 5

The police think Dheeraj involved Suhani because they could not repay Chowdhary’s loan as Class episode 5 begins. Dheeraj shows Suhani the video and mentions the ask from Chowdhary.

Prannoy and the entire class applaud Saba for her immaculate display at the MUN representing Palestine. She spoke eloquently and with a true heart. Yashika is upset and confronts Prannoy. Even Veer feels Yashika is being unreasonable here and Saba deserves the appreciation.

Prannoy reluctantly accepts Yashika’s deal of making him VP. But he asks her to get him elected first. Veer apologizes to Saba and she too reciprocates this time. Dhruv feels suffocated by his father’s expectations of seeing him swimming champion. He talks to Faruq about living together but Faruq retaliates by saying adhruv’s world will not be accepting of them. Faruq shows Dhruv the grabs of Ismail Khan and Ayaz, two homosexuals who are buried together because they loved each other.

Tarun gifts Veer a handcrafted phone on the occasion of his becoming Ahuja Properties’ Vice Chairman. Suhani and Koel are growing close again. The latter mentions that even though Balli is cheap, he is super hot and that their relationship might sustain for a while. Suraj says that Veer will only take over once he finishes school. To commemorate the occasion, he gifts him an expensive car. Suhani comes to the brothers to express her distress at their condition due to her father. Although Dheeraj asks her not to get involved, Neeraj is eager for her to give them the money. He subtly asks her for suggestions and she takes the bait. She suggests stealing Tarun’s handmade phone collection.

Veer is shown his new office. At his desk, he finds a laptop and a video from someone that shows his father partying with hookers. He is deeply distressed by this video. Suraj takes Veer to a site they are developing. It will be the first project Veer will oversee. Dheeraj comes clean about the safe and Suhani is shocked. She cannot believe she was taken advantage of again. Previously, she said that the locker was empty and that perhaps Neeru stole it. Veer’s eyes are opened to his father’s reality. He talks to Saba about it and they almost kiss.

The two seem like they might have a genuine connection. Suhani asks Neeraj whose idea it was to go to their house after Balli’s party. They have a fight and it seems the relationship cannot be reconciled. Dheeraj looks around for Suhani in the girl’s locker room, where she is doing drugs. He takes care of her and expresses his love for her. They kiss and Dheeraj feels excitement he has never felt before it. Aryan takes Dheeraj’s phone from his hands and reads out loud the poem he wrote in the moment for Suhani. Veer gets angry and slaps Dheeraj in front of everyone, threatening to gravely hurt him. Balli comes to his rescue and Saba separates Veer from Dheeraj.

In his flared state, he outs Faruq’s secret to Saba and she is shocked. Yashika watches the two from a distance. Saba confronts Faruq about the drugs. But he says he is doing it as a side hustle to get out of this mess. When she asks about his homosexuality, Faruq doesn’t deny it. She reminds him of what happened to Shabbir and asks him to stop this “amusement”. Faruq is hurt and expected from her his educated sister. Dhruv asks to meet Faruq and gives him a surprise. But it does not go well as the suspense is that he is introducing Faruq to Veer.

Faruq walks out and threatens Veer to stay away from Saba. Suhani receives a message from Neeru saying he is sorry but he is not there at his hideout. Balli’s wish has come true and he has gone away for the weekend with Koel shooting for his mother’s fashion week. Koel goes for a massage but cannot have it as the slots are full. When she comes back, she finds Sharan masturbating to Balli in the tub, as he washed the soap off his body. She is greatly upset about it.

Suhani makes a plan for Neeraj to steal the phones. It is more than easy to break in. Neeraj only has 10 minutes to get in and get out. Neeraj follows the plan to the hilt but suddenly finds that Tarun and Suraj have brought the party home. They are entertaining special guests. Neeraj manages to climb out the way he came but due to the incessant rain, he falls down, attracting attention. He just about manages to escape. Tarun goes up to check his room and finds his phones have been stolen.

Watching Koel’s expressions it seems things will never be normal between her and Sharan. Neeraj makes it back to his hideout. When Dheeraj comes back with medicine for Neeraj’s leg, he notices briefly that Suhani was kissing Neeraj. She leaves but Dheeraj cannot fathom anything going in between her and Neeraj.

The Episode Review

Does acting like the rich take away one’s incentive to be thorough and authentic? Because if that is not the case, the acting in Class is mostly subpar. If one notices closely, the lack of expressions and monotonous delivery clearly shows. It is almost as if the actors are running on a predetermined course; as if the characters know exactly what is going to happen.

The most exciting moment in this episode was also the tensest we have been till now. Even though all of it happened all too conveniently, watching Neeraj escape was a thrill. Saba’s depiction came crashing down with her treatment of Faruq after discovering his sexuality. No character can be that perfect and this was a long time coming.

All the characters seem to be going through their arches by now. Our perception of them has definitely shifted from when we first started seeing them. That is a great thing but the actors must step it up in the crucial second half of the season.

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