Champion – Season 1 Episode 7 “Moist Yute” Recap & Review

Moist Yute

Episode 7 of Champion begins with Bosco picking up Beres from the airport. Beres looks ready to work and focus on Champion Crown but at home, he looks upset.

Meanwhile, Vita goes viral for JA Fest. Before they sign the contract, Yemi asks her to distance herself from her messy family and Vita agrees. Yemi gets her a new place and Vita moves out from Beres’. While packing her things, she gives Beres a piece of her mind – that he sees them as a brand, not as his kids. She tries to explain that Bosco is fragile but Beres scoffs at that.

Taking a cue from his father, Bosco tries to focus on Champion Crown and even tries to pacify Aria about Junior. She is furious, especially since he didn’t tell her about Lennox leaving and she kicks him out. 

As the girls catch up, Honey reveals she is going to New York along with Milan and Chantelle. This is news to Vita who confronts Chantelle and Mark but it is futile. 

Meanwhile, Champion Crown is penniless. Dawn hasn’t been paid and wonders how he got Bosco on. Beres lets it slip that he owns everything and Bosco is under him. She is upset and shames him for lying to his own son that they would equals. Bosco shows up at Memet’s gig and tries to mess around. He tries to crash at Memet’s place and use his help with his single but Memet refuses.

Laurent shows up at Vita’s new place. He keeps distracting her but she doesn’t mind. He declares that they will do everything together when she talks about her next plan of action. They end up working on some music together.

Meanwhile, Bosco is living in his car. He ignores Chantelle’s calls and looks troubled at the Champion Crown launch. Dawn takes pity and tells him about Beres being the director and owning Bosco. Champion Crown is just a subsidiary of his old label. Shocked, Bosco asks for the truth but Beres tries to deflect.

Angry, Bosco shows up at Vita’s interview. Yemi is not happy but Vita indulges him. She thinks he is angry about Milan leaving which shocks him further. He makes a scene and the cops throw him out. Vita wants to go after him but doesn’t when Yemi tells her to choose.

A hurt Bosco shows up at Chantelle’s and lets it slip that they hooked up in front of Mark. While Chantelle runs after an angry Mark, Bosco runs away with Milan. Chantelle employs Memet to look for them but Mark straight up calls the cops.

Aria shows up at Lennox’s and apologises for taking him for granted. He gives in but asks if anything happened with Beres in Jamaica. She refuses instantly but looks guilty which Lennox misses. Meanwhile, Honey, Tayo and Vita are partying. Memet keeps calling Vita but Laurent switches off her phone. 

As for the father-daughter duo, Bosco buys Milan ice cream and takes her to his old hangout place on some roof. He goes live for a second but it is enough for Memet to recognise the place. They show up and Bosco explains that he was just wishing Milan goodbye. Chantelle points out that he can see Milan whenever he likes but he is spooked when he hears the cops. Chantelle promises to stop the cops but he says they will not understand. At the end of Champion episode 7, he runs away.

The Episode Review

Champion episode 7 puts us back on the rollercoaster that is the life of poor Bosco. He is his own father’s puppet while his mother has kicked him out. The only one who tells him the truth is a money-hungering manager. By the end, we can almost feel his panic as he feels surrounded.

Vita doesn’t get to do much now that she has both her parent’s approval. After telling off her father, it is smooth sailing for her. There is that slimy little Laurent being shady but it doesn’t culminate into anything here. Guess, we will have to wait and see what chaos he unleashes in the finale.

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