Champion – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Rise of the Phoenix

Episode 8 of Champion begins with a 6 month time jump. Bulla is still annoying. Vita has dropped her surname from her stage name. She has been nominated for a newcomer award. No one knows where Bosco is. He just texts Aria from time to time but ignores Vita’s texts. Laurent is super clingy and looks annoyed when she stops him from joining her lunch date with Tayo.

What is up with everyone in the finale?

Phil is angry with Beres as they need Bosco for Champion Crown or they will be in trouble. Honey is having a great time in USA. Aria and Chantelle meet. They have tried to convince Bosco but he thinks Milan is better off without him. Chantelle has second doubts about leaving but Aria says she should do what’s good for her and Milan.

Memet pops up at lunch and catches up with Vita. He is happy for her but still pines for her. She says she is lonely and Bosco would understand her but he avoids her. 

Aria has sold her house which doesn’t make Beres happy. She claims that she is moving to a smaller place so she can buy him out of the restaurant. However, he is distracted as he needs to find Bosco. She refuses to help him and Lennox tries to kick him out. Beres provokes him and Lennox ends up punching him.

At home, Vita wants to be alone but Laurent shows up anyway. She is fidgety and turns it on her not wanting him. She promises to meet him at his place later and he makes her promise it before leaving.

What is going on with Bosco?

As for Bosco, he is busy recording with Rusty. He is not being honest and Rusty tells him to embrace the new him. Bosco ends up rapping about how he is alone and everyone’s out to get a piece of him including his father. He drops it and it goes viral. Vita texts him that she is proud. Beres looks troubled. Memet figures he is with Rusty and tells Aria.

But this new turn of events has Vita upset as Bosco had to deal with Beres alone. Yemi gives her the harsh truth that she is to get an award yet Bosco is making it about himself. Aria comes to take her to Bosco but Yemi stops her. 

Meanwhile, Phil is annoyed that they cannot capitalise on Bosco’s new viral song. He suggests committing Bosco to an asylum to cut their losses and save their reputation. Dawn is against it and walks out when Beres considers it.

Aria shows up alone and tries to talk to Bosco. He lashes out that he doesn’t know how to talk to her as they never taught him. He realises he treated Vita badly and Aria tells him to be there for her and Milan.

As for Vita, while she worries about her brother, Laurent goes on about the show. Not in the mood, she gently tries to dump him. However, he gets vengeful and claims she is using him as Bosco used her. He declares that she cannot use any of his songs even though they both worked on it together.

She spirals but Honey points out that she is no imposter and encourages her to make something new. Vita works all night but is not confident. She sends Bosco the demo and he listens to it.

What happens at the award show?

However, Yemi is furious with the sudden changes but is able to pull it off. They all rehearse last minute and then the red carpet is a success. Honey surprises her by arriving for the show but Vita panics. As she cries, Yemi, Tayo and Honey comfort her. 

The award show begins and Vita performs the new song. Bosco and Memet surprise her by showing up. Bosco raps with her and then puts on ‘Champion of the World’ which she sings alone. The siblings go wild but Phil is furious as he calls Beres and tells him it is the last straw.

Backstage, Vita kisses Memet and the Champions have a happy reunion. She wins the newcomer award and the family decides to party.

But disaster follows as Beres and Phil show up with cops. Beres seems to have a change of heart as the cops get rough with Bosco but it is too late and he is taken away at the end of Champion Episode 8.

The Episode Review

Champion episode 8 feels a little strange with the time jump. All the action is over. Everything is revealed through dialogue as if it is the exposition of a whole new show. It just doesn’t have the same tone as the rest of the show. Maybe it needs a different conclusion. Even the one we get is not complete as it is just Vita’s. 

Bosco’s fate is in the air and it is not the ending he deserves. Sure, this sets the drama for a season 2, but that is only if the show gets renewed. For the sake of a sequel, they ruin a pretty good show and the development of all the characters. While it seems that Beres may win some of our sympathy, he goes back to being the bad guy. And poor Bosco’s arc seems to be flatlining as we wonder how this new development is going to hit him. 

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