Champion – Season 1 Episode 6 “Dat Is It” Recap & Review

Dat Is It

Episode 6 of Champion shows a flashback of Beres’ father, Everald. A neighbour’s kid, Curtis hits Beres and takes his snowcone. In exchange, Everald threatens Curtis’ father. He tells Beres not to shame the family and to take action if someone disrespects him.

At present, Vita, Aria and Beres land in Jamaica for the funeral. It seems that Everald was popular and everyone shows up. They celebrate and warmly welcome Beres. Everyone wonders about Bosco but Beres confides to Aunt Sissy that Bosco is on the no-fly list. He also keeps asking about this will which annoys his brother, Junior. 

Vita sulks as Bosco ignores her texts. Instead, Junior bonds with her, showing her how to cut breadfruit and rescuing her from Aunt Sissy when she pulls out the photo album. Meanwhile, Aria and Beres flirt as they prep for the funeral. Vita is upset that Aria is avoiding her. And when she asks about Junior’s mother, he interrupts.

That night, Junior takes her to a club in town. She is fascinated by the rap battles and he pushes her on stage. She is unsure but as she starts rapping, she starts enjoying herself. The night ends on a high note but it sours when she asks why Junior never left home. He says he couldn’t but now he is free.

Back at the estate, she tries to share the fun incident with her mother but Aria is still angry about the fashion show. She finally reveals the story behind ‘Stolen’. The day before the release, she found out she was pregnant. Beres told her to take a break and return after Bosco was born. However, he kept delaying it till in the end, he bought the restaurant for her. 

Upset, Vita confronts Beres. He is apologetic and says she should do what she wants and not be like him. Mark keeps hounding her but she ignores him. Instead, she texts Yemi to manage her. As a trial, She books her a local gig, JA Fest. Sissy asks Beres if Everald would be proud of him. But Beres thinks he has done enough and walks off.

It is the day of the JA Fest and Vita performs with Junior. Beres tells Aria to move on past and cheer support their daughter as she is a Champion. He also confesses that he should have never told her to stop singing. She finally gives in and enjoys the performance. That night, Beres goes to her for solace. She hesitates but lets him kiss her.

On the day of the funeral, Junior and Beres are at odds with the former snapping back on what it is to be a father who is there for his son. In return, Beres keeps asking about the will and doesn’t let Junior speak at the funeral.

During the service, Junior finally gives in and pulls out the will – there is nothing for Beres. Everald explains that he doesn’t need anything from him, unlike Junior. The Londoners find it suspicious while the locals are not. It is finally revealed that Junior is Beres’ son but abandoned him. Junior declares haughtily that Everald was his father and was ashamed of Beres. He tells him never to return.

Meanwhile, Aria is upset over the cheating. Sissy tries to defend her nephew but Aria snaps back and leaves with Vita. Back in London, they see that Lennox isn’t there. He’s left behind the ring and a letter saying he can’t do it anymore at the end of Champion episode 6.

The Episode Review

Champion episode 6 is a breath of fresh air from the messy and fast-paced life of London. Like Vita, we are fascinated by the colourful life, the people and the celebration of life. The club outing and the JA Fest is fun to see. They also act as props to resolve tensions between everyone. But of course, it wouldn’t be the Champions if that’s where it ended.

Junior’s storyline is pretty clever with the way they pepper all the clues from his mother’s identity to him finally being free. While we don’t know him enough, it was still satisfying to see him put Beres in his place. Like the man’s father just died and all he wants to know about is the will? Dude’s never going to change, mark our words.

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