Capitani – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap & Review

These Wonderful Golden Dreams

Episode 8 of Capitani begins with Luc Capitani out for his usual morning run while trouble brews at the military base. The Major is in possession of the USB stick and takes Frank off logistics. This is a major (no pun intended) problem for the soldiers, since they’re using the computers on the base to communicate with their dealers.

Well, that afternoon the trio of soldiers work together to find their way back into the Major’s tent. Scrambling to the laptop, Frank messages an anonymous contact, telling them they’ve hit a problem and can’t take delivery. Their contact is not particularly forgiving though and refuses to take no for an answer. They’ve sent the shipment over already and now it’s up to them to make good on their promise.

At work, Mick sleeps with Manon and after the deed, nonchalantly tells her she’s nothing. Manon threatens to tell Nadine though, deepening the bad blood brewing in this town.

Capitani continues to wade through this blood, desperate for more leads in Jenny’s case. Well, these seem to arrive in the form of the drug shipment. It seems like the suppliers may be using the unicorn markers in the forest to map out a trail to move these drugs around. That trail eventually points toward the abandoned cabin we’ve been seeing these past few episodes. Or, as Mores informs them all, Cloister House.

With drugs found in Rob’s car and on Jenny’s possession too, the officers contemplate whether Jenny was dealing or not at school. If that is the case, what part does Manon have to play in this?

Well, Manon eventually shows up with pastries…and not a lot else. Capitani tells her to rethink her actions but she simply turns and walks away. This forces Luc’s hand, cleverly arresting her Father in move to make Manon talk. While he stews in the station, Diane phones Capitani and tells him she hasn’t found the missing firearm yet.

However, through her investigation she has uncovered that Carla could be connected to this and she knows that the girl is residing in town. Before she divulges more though, Diane tells him she’s on her way over.

While Capitani frantically looks through Carla’s belongings, he struggles to find the one thing he’s after – the firearm. When he leaves emptyhanded, passing Carla on the stairwell, it’s revealed that she was stashing it in a well hidden compartment in the wardrobe.

Mick shows up back home with a bottle of wine, playing happy families at Tanja’s request. Nadine however, is weary over this development. While Tanja is inside, Mick discusses how far gone Jenny was and promises they’ll do better with Tanja. Only… she overhears what he’s saying and awkwardness immediately ensues as Mick scrambles to explain his actions.

Back at the station, Ley questions Manon’s Father, who shows that he has a GPS tracker for Manon but it’s not moving – and happens to be in the middle of the woods. On her lunch break, Ley heads out alone to investigate, where she finds Manon intoxicated, phoning Mick and sobbing. He, unsurprisingly, refuses to pick up the phone which makes things worse. Manon passed out and Ley quickly scoops her up, taking her to the nearest hospital.

As the episode closes, Nadine finds a note hidden on the back of the photo frame of her and Mick.

The Episode Review

Episode 9 continues to deliver a compelling chapter of investigative drama as the mystery deepens and begins to circle around a few different individuals. Whatever is happening at the military base it seems directly connected to the village and the school. Was what happened to Jenny an accident? Or a deliberate act?

That’s still unknown at this point but the longer this series goes on for, the more it seems like the latter. So far the show has been a competent slow burn but whether we’ll receive a satisfying climax to all this at the end though, remains to be seen.

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