Capitani – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review


And I Know Misfortune and Sorrow

Episode 7 of Capitani begins with our detective out in the woods, groggily awakening after being drugged. Bagging up his cake as evidence, Luc stumbles upon an abandoned cabin that could hold some clues. After checking around and finding tyre prints on the ground, he receives a message from Ley confirming that Gerard’s alibi doesn’t hold up.

Meanwhile, Nadine uncovers clues after cracking a password on the phone, which immediately sees her paint a target on Gerard’s back. When she tells Mick what she’s uncovered, Mick decides to take the law into his own hands.

Back in town, Capitani heads over to Gerard’s house but finds him a bloody mess at thee hands of Mick, who’s got to him first. He’s convinced that he was the one responsible for hurting Jenny. A flaming bin with tapes and magazines dotted around seems to hint that Gerard is not innocent but Capitani is certain he’s not the suspect they’re after.

Back at the station, Capitani’s case has drawn attention from the police’s police. Diane Bonifas from the GPI has arrived and she immediately receives a warm greeting from Capitani. Luc tells her he’s working with good people, as he’s interviewed over what’s happened in the village so far. In fact, the attention soon turns to Capitani’s competence. When she mentions a missing firearm, it’s enough for Capitani to become rattled.

Meanwhile, Ley heads up to meet the soldiers at the military base. She receives a pretty frosty reception, but she skips past the guard and deeper into the camp. She begins looking around for clues and talks to the different soldiers.

When Steve finds her, he’s not exactly thrilled that she’s sniffing around his workplace. However, his hostility soon wanes as he tells her he’s worried and embraces the Mother of his child. As they hug it out, she apologizes for intruding but notices a missing button on his sleeve jacket. This predictably sends her spiraling as she contemplates a nightmarish question –  could Steve be responsible for what’s happening in town?

Tanja is certainly acting suspiciously too, and she heads out into the woods alone. II fact, she heads straight to the spot where Jenny fell and lies on the ground, looking up at the patchwork of leaves and sunlight as whispers echo in her mind.

Back home, Ley continues to work, investigating the case and realizing her personal and professional life is starting to blur. Steve rings and confirms more details about the night of Jenny’s death. Apparently two of his men head out into the woods that night. He followed over the wall to bring them back. This was around 1.30am and matches the time period for Jenny’s death.

Steve refuses to give up the names of the two officers though, likening them to a tightknit family. He tells Elsa to trust him, as she rolls her eyes in exasperation. She grits her teeth and hangs up, as doubts start to fill her mind.

Manon shows up before Steve and talks to him about the drugs, in particular how rattled Capitani was earlier on. She worries that he could be onto them, as the soldiers talk about their operation. However, they’re all distracted by Tanja showing up outside. Steve hurries out the tent and convinces her to leave, letting Tanja go as this mystery continues to deepen.

The Episode Review

Episode 7 of Capitani sees more of this shady military base come to light. It seems like Steve is involved in this drug trade and presumably using Manon as a means of distributing the drugs inside pastries and cakes. But how was his button found at the crime scene? Could he be linked to the murder case? And if so, how will Ley deal with this?

The full story is still unknown of course, but now the show is starting to tighten up and show who’s being truthful and who’s deceitful.

One thing’s for sure though, Capitani has been consistently engaging right the way through and it’ll be interesting to see what direction this one takes next.

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