Capitani – Season 1 Episode 9 Recap & Review

My Heart Was Full Of Trust

Episode 9 of Capitani begins with Ley bringing Manon to the hospital. At the same time, Capitani breaks the news to her Father. He seems to know more than he’s letting on but Capitani has bigger fish to fry when Diane shows up.

She brings up an old case Capitani worked on, involving a man named Da Costa, as we learn a bit more about this missing firearm. She mentions how his story doesn’t add up, confirming that Da Costa was murdered by Carla using that very gun that’s gone missing. Capitani echoes the Portugal story he’s been told to Diane, admitting that he was ashamed which is why he didn’t mention anything before.

Well, Diane immediately phones Interpol to check his story. She finds out there’s a live check out for Carla and she’s going by the alias of Sofia Santos. She even receives an address too… which, of course, happens to be the hotel in town.

Nadine reads Rob’s suicide letter and waits for Tanja in her room. It turns out the letter divulges details about the drugs, which happen to be stashed in Tanja’s room. As Nadine and Tanja talk, it now becomes clear that the girl who died isn’t Jenny, it was Tanja. Jenny has been adopting her sister’s identity since everything happened and was never the one addicted to drugs.

Capitani arrives though, prompting Nadine to show the suicide note to him. She asks for his help, claiming that Rob was the one to bring drugs into the house. Capitani reads the words on the note and realizes that Tanja was the one who died. Furthermore, Rob’s involvement in all this comes from him buying all of Manon’s drugs so Tanja couldn’t get them from her.

So, with Jenny still alive and Tanja dead, Capitani promises to hep keep up this charade for now, at leats until the case is solved.

Meanwhile, Ley opens up Manon’s phone and checks through her contacts. One of those happen to be listed as “Unicorn.” When she rings, she gets through to Frank’s voicemail and now realizes that the soldiers are involved. This brings the duo up to the military base, where Ley worries that Steve is involved in all this.

Day turns to night as the soldiers await their delivery van. As they approach with guns, they learn to their horror that they’ve stopped the wrong driver.

We then skip forward in time to see Capitani with a search warrant ready to go after the military base. He storms in and finds the drugs, hidden in the shipments to the base. The Major sees this too, and apologizes for writing off Kowalski so easily. Given Frank and Jerry were involved with the shipments, an unnerving screwed up photo of Jenny happens to be among the belongings.

Back at the station, Capitani gets the autopsy report back from the hospital, confirming that Tanja died from perforated lungs. It’ a pretty shocking conclusion, and one that sees Capitani immediately launch a manhunt for the trio of soldiers to work out exactly what they’re hiding.

As the episode closes out, Diane arrives at the hotel and books a room, ready to confront Carla.

The Episode Review

Capitani drops a bombshell reveal on us with the revelation that Tanja and Jenny have been switched. While some may have seen this coming, what with the tattoo being covered up and conflicted statements from key characters, it’s still a nice reveal all the same.

The different characters all have their agendas though and it seems like the Unicorn network and the trio of soldiers are our main suspects here. Then again, this could also be a red herring, hiding something far more sinister in the background. And what about that rock cairn by the crime scene? That has to mean something and can’t be a coincidence, surely?

I’m sure we’ll find out soon though, as episode 9 starts to tighten the screw. Things are getting interesting now!

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