Capitani – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

So Far From Me, So Far!

Episode 6 of Capitani begins with Ley bringing important news to Capitani from the autopsy report. There’s a possibility that Jenny was raped, and given there are two previous sex offenders in town, this narrows down the list of suspects considerably. One of them is a soldier too, which seems to link everything back to that military base again.

Without a warrant though, Capitani leans on Ley for help, telling her to use her contacts inside the base to find a way in. Eventually the Major agrees to see them.

Jerry Kowalska is the man accused of being a sex offender here, and after being brought in, the Major confirms he was dealt with in an appropriate way in the past. He claims the man is not a sexual predator nor the one they’re after. Unfortunately the investigation brings no leads for now.

Instead, Ley and Capitani turn their attention to the second suspect, Gérard Gaspard, a French professor who spent 4 years in prison back in 2005. They question the man about his past. He has an alibi for the night in question, claiming to have been playing cards that night. Deciding to check this out, Capitani encourages him not to leave town while he’s being investigated.

At school, Tanja does her best to try and adjust to school life but it’s clear that she’s rattled and unable to focus. She pulls away from Tun, as Lea speaks to her briefly about that night. It seems to hint that the boy she was with may have abused her but that’s purely speculation so take that with a pinch of salt for now.

Tanja eventually storms back home and tells her parents she wants to move schools. However, she’s distracted by them preparing for Jenny’s funeral.

Ley heads off to check out Gerard’s alibi, learning that they played cards until midnight. This story is corroborated by the priest, which means that Gerard’s alibi doesn’t really hold up as the times in question would still leave him unaccounted for.

However, Capitani has issues of his own when he heads off alone into the woods. Unfortunately his muffin has been spiked and he collapses on the ground in the woods.

As the episode closes out, we cut to Nadine layering Tanja’s tattoo with thick layers of make-up.

The Episode Review

Secrets continue to be kept in this village, as Capitani continues to deliver intriguing drama right the way through its season. We’re halfway through now and it’s already clear that a lot of people are not being forthright with what they know.

Gerard’s alibi obviously doesn’t hold up and he definitely fits the profile but is he really the one to blame? By comparison, we’ve got Jerry who seems to be protected by the army Major who may have a part to play in all this.

Whatever happened, it’s obvious that a lot of people are acting shiftily and this will almost certainly lead to some dark secrets being revealed over time. This mystery is far, far from over.

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