Campfire Cooking in Another World with my Absurd Skill – Episode 9 Recap & Review

Hunting Quests Are All About Meat And Money

Episode 9 of Campfire Cooking in Another World with my Absurd Skill begins with Mukoda telling the guild staff that he completed his mission. One of the staff tells him the Guild Master (Willem) would like to speak with him due to his over-achieving in the mission. Willem congratulates Mukoda for his and his familiars’ efforts in the Goblin Subjugation mission. He informs Mukoda that the Royal Palace wanted to inform him about something.

They’ll allow him to stay in this country as long as he and his friends can assist them with emergencies. Furthermore, Willem grants Mukoda and his friends the C-rank but expects something from them in return. He wants Fel to complete A and S-rank level quests. He promises that other adventurers won’t bother them. Before they depart, Mukoda asks Willem if he can sell more monsters to him. They visit Willem’s butcher. He says he can’t buy the Chimera or the Orthus creature because their guild doesn’t have the money to buy them, nor can he sell them. Thankfully, the butcher accepts Mukoda’s other monsters.

At night, Mukoda makes another meal for him, Fel, and Sui. Mukoda returns to Willem’s guild in the morning to retrieve his C-rank guild card. Willem explains the deadline for taking C-rank requests is six months and hands him over 1,900+ gold coins for all the monsters he sold to him, baffling Mukoda. He hands Mukoda his next mission. It involves subjugating a metal lizard and a hard of bloody horn bulls. Mukoda leaves but plans to start the missions tomorrow to explore the city for a while. Mukoda and his friends visit Lambert’s store so Mukoda can purchase a new bag for Sui and other things.

Mukoda can purchase things with his Online Grocery ability. However, he feels it’s best to buy items in this world to avoid standing out. Lambert ends up giving Mukoda everything for free for saving his life and letting him dine on his high-grade meat. Before he leaves, Lambert asks Mukoda if he ever stumbles upon a black serpent to sell it to him directly. They return to their quarters to eat another meal for the night. This time, Mukoda cooks a dish for Sui and Fel first. After they finish eating and fall asleep, Mukoda whips up a meal for himself and dines alone. Mukoda gives Lady Ninrir her required sweets as a blessing. The episode concludes with the other goddesses catching on about her and Mukoda’s food deal.

The Episode Review

It appears Mukoda got more than he bargained for in this chapter. Not only has he raised his rank up three stages, but life seems to be going impressively well for him. Unfortunately, he received most of those luxuries due to Fel and Sui’s help. As mentioned in the previous episode review, it would be better if Mukoda assisted Sui in defeating the goblins.

Having Mukoda receive a high rank for putting in little effort won’t sit well with many fans. Although Willem wants Fel to handle the new missions he assigned to Mukoda’s group, it’d be great to have Mukoda help out in an efficient manner. Otherwise, it’ll make his training regimes from previous chapters feel meaningless in the grand scheme of things.

The same can be said for Lambert giving Mukoda merchandise for free. Fel was the reason the bandits surrendered, not Mukoda. If there’s someone who should be cherished with rewards from Lambert, it should be Fel. Nonetheless, it’s great to see the world play out like a medieval RPG. Getting to see Mukoda interacting with people, tackling quests, and using his powers is always a blast.

It helps sell this fantasy setting to viewers. Hopefully, future chapters can raise the stakes for our group, though. It’d make our characters’ adventures feel more dramatic. Overall, this episode was decent and I’m excited to see where things go from here.

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