Campfire Cooking in Another World with my Absurd Skill – Episode 10 Recap & Review

My Two Familiars Are Too Overpowered

Episode 10 of Campfire Cooking in Another World with Absurd Skill begins with Mukoda and Fel exploring the metal lizard’s habitat. Upon further investigation, Fel realizes it’s a Mithril lizard who must have eaten some mithril ore to transform into a metallic-looking lizard. Fel uses his diffusible thunderbolt magic to murder the lizard, and Mukoda stashes away in his inventory. Mukoda finds some spare mithril ore and wants to use it to craft some armor. Fel destroys the ore because he argues his barrier should offer Mukoda enough protection. He drags Mukoda out of the cave so they can take on the horned-bull subjugation quest.

Fel and his friends find the horned bulls, and Sui tags along to defeat them. After stashing away the horned bulls, Mukoda, Fel, and Sui have lunch, and Mukoda shares his Pepsi with Fel and Sui, who ask for more. Afterward, Mukoda and the others return to the butcher’s shop with the possessions. The butcher and Guild Master Willem are shocked that they brought a rare and fully intact mithril lizard to the shop. Willem plans to keep the mithril lizard here to serve it as a tribute to the Royal Palace’s lord. He’ll also inform the king of Mukoda’s mithril mine discovery. He plans to discuss Mukoda’s compensation and reward with the lords.

He asks Mukoda to keep this a secret from others. Mukoda baffles their minds after showing off his collection of dead horned bulls. While walking to their quarters, Mukoda’s worried that his peaceful life in this fantasy world is in jeopardy. Fel tells him there’s no point in worrying and that they should have some horned-bull meat to celebrate. They arrive at their quarters and enjoy the steak Mukoda makes with the meat. Fel and Sui thank Mukoda for making their lovely meals. Fel reminds Mukoda to give Lady Ninrir her offerings. After sending her sweets, Mukoda overhears the other goddesses in the God Realm.

They inform Mukoda that Ninrir’s blessings won’t be enough and that they should accept their blessings, too. Like Ninrir, they want Mukoda to send them sweets as currency. He accepts the Goddess of Fire and Earth’s blessings since they have an affinity with Mukoda’s current magical capabilities. Meanwhile, Ruka, the Goddess of Water, cries because she knows her blessings won’t add value to Mukoda’s arsenal. After having a touching moment with Sui, Mukoda tells Ruka to give her blessings to Sui. She accepts the offer, and Mukoda sends them all a batch of sweets to enjoy so they can leave him alone.

Mukoda uses Fireball and Stone Bullet on a tree and feels he’s gotten powerful. He asks Sui to use some water spells on the trees. Sui causes many trees to topple, which means he’s stronger than Mukoda. Mukoda practices his new Stone technique Stone Wall while Fel goes hunting. Fel returns, and Mukoda shows him that he made a small house.

Fel tells Mukoda he found a black serpent and says he can give it to Lambert. Mukoda wishes Fel and Sui would appreciate his effort but Fel asks Mukoda to make him a feast to reward him. Meanwhile, Lambert and his wife Marie eat dinner. The episode concludes with Lambert puzzled about what type of bag to get for his wife for their wedding anniversary.

The Episode Review

Given Fel’s vast strength, it was guaranteed that he’d be able to complete the horned bull and metal lizard quests without a sweat. While it was great Sui offered a helping hand, many folks may have wished it would’ve been more challenging for him to complete it. It would’ve been interesting if the metal lizard was impervious to all types of magic.

This would’ve forced Fel to rely on his animal instincts and features to slay the beast. Instead, we receive two easy bouts with one of them happening off-screen, which was disappointing and a bit lazy. If Mukoda didn’t have it too easy before, he certainly does now. While the additional blessings don’t amplify his powers too much, it’s unfortunate that he’s not working for these power-ups.

Yes, he’s giving the goddesses food in exchange for the power. But given that he’s an extremely rich person in the world that won’t be a bother to him. Although it’s a joy to see our characters laugh, chat, and explore the world, many viewers may want the anime to provide our cast with some challenging obstacles to switch things up.

Overall, this was a fine episode of Campfire Cooking In Another World With Absurd Skill. With only two episodes left in this season, I’m unsure how things will conclude. It’s possible another season could shed light on the show’s lack of obstacles, though. Hopefully, we’ll get introduced to something grand for our characters to tackle soon.

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