Campfire Cooking in Another World with my Absurd Skill – Episode 8 Recap & Review

All of the Boss Monsters Are Tasty

Episode 8 of Campfire Cooking in Another World with Absurd Skill begins with Mukoda and company traveling with the caravan owner (Lambert) and his men to Karelina City. Mukoda hears the men gossip about Fel.

Mukoda realizes many people with the nobility want to capture Fenrir and is glad no one knows of his otherwordly presence and powers. The crew camps for the night. Mukoda, Fel, and Sui head elsewhere, so Lambert and the others don’t learn of his powers. Mukoda whips up a lavish meal of Karaage for him and the other two to eat. Suddenly, a scent trail reaches Lambert and his men, and they take a whiff. They beg Mukoda for some, and Mukoda gives it to them. Lambert’s men tell Mukoda they’ll be on night watch duty since Mukoda fed them. In the morning, they all reach Karelina City, the fifth-largest city in the Kingdom of Leonhardt.

Lambert tells Mukoda that his family has been merchants in this city for years and asks him and the others to stop by later. At the guild department, the cashier informs Mukoda that his guild card has been unregistered due to not completing the minimum number of quests in the past month. Typically, G-Rank adventurers like Mukoda would accept and complete quests to achieve F-Rank, so the guild found it odd that he didn’t pursue that. She informs him that the time limit to complete quests increases to 3 months and that F-Rank quests entail higher rewards and experience.

Mukoda re-registers. He tells the cashier that he recruited a new familiar and shows off Sui. Before Mukoda sells some dead monsters for cash, Lambert’s men arrive and ask if they could join him. The butcher and Lambert’s men are astounded by the monsters Mukoda caught. One of the gentlemen speculates that Fel might be a Fenriri instead of a Great Wolf. The butcher informs Mukoda that he can’t wait to dissect the monsters since he argues he’s the best butcher of all time. One of Lambert’s men asks Mukoda what was in the meat he made for them last night. Mukoda tells them he used meat from high-grade monsters.

The leader of Lambert’s group (Lars) apologizes to Mukoda, but Mukoda tells him it’s no big deal since they have a lot of dead monsters. Lars tells Mukoda about the Griffon’s Inn. Mukoda and his friends crash there for the night. Mukoda plans to reach F-Rank by completing missions in Karelina City. Before bed, Mukoda prays and offers Ninrir her usual sweets in exchange for her blessing. At the quest board, Mukoda wants to complete simple tasks that don’t involve goblins or other creatures. Fel argues it would be better to finish the goblin-based missions since it will help Mukoda reach F-Rank faster.

Fel gets Sui onboard with the Goblin Subjugation mission, enticing Mukoda to take it. The mission entails for Mukoda to slay three goblins and collect their right ears. They find a trio of goblins, and Sui defeats them. Mukoda’s flustered about cutting their ears off, and Fel mocks him for it since Mukoda’s always used their parts to make dishes. Suddenly, Sui goes on a killing spree and murders a whole fleet of goblins. Even though they met the requirement, they slay more goblins for sheer fun. They eventually have a pile of goblins for Mukoda to dissect for their ears. Mukoda removes the goblins’ ears and asks Fel what they should do with the bodies.

Mukoda develops a plan to have Sui melt them. Sui transforms into a huge slime. Mukoda checks his stats and learns Sui’s obtained a “Proliferation” skill. This allows Sui to grow larger and shrink into many mini slimes. With his army, Sui melts the goblins away. To celebrate, Mukoda and his allies travel elsewhere to set up camp and eat. Mukoda summons some bread to avoid cooking, and everyone enjoys it. As they eat, Mukoda’s relieved he doesn’t have to spend months raising his rank. The episode concludes with Ninrir’s goddess friends wondering what Ninrir’s been up to with her meals.

The Episode Review

This was another relaxing episode of Campfire Cooking In Another World With Absurd Skill. It had some action, quest completion, and enjoyable situational humor. It establishes how powerful and comfortable Mukoda is with Sui and Fel around. While this episode provides fans with enjoyable segments, others may feel like Mukoda has it too easy in this world.

Besides cutting off goblin ears, Mukoda doesn’t earn his rank like other adventurers. He relies heavily on Sui’s incredible powers to accomplish the “Goblin Subjugation” mission. While it’s a great bonding moment, it undermines Mukoda’s individual growth and training from episodes prior. Mukoda joining Sui in the fight would’ve been more rewarding, similar to their bout with the Kobolds.

Instead, we see Mukoda whimpering and Fel mocking him for it. This would’ve been a great time to showcase how far Mukoda’s come since his first encounter with the goblins. It was a bummer that he resorted to being a scaredy cat. Furthermore, Mukoda’s objections toward the mission were bizarre. It may not have sat well with fans given his and his familiar’s overwhelming strength.

Hopefully, Mukoda doesn’t ruin the superb development he received in previous chapters. Overall, this was an okay chapter of the anime. It presented our characters with a new hurdle to overcome. Even though the way they accomplished the task wasn’t satisfying, it’s great seeing Mukoda bonding more with his familiars.

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