Campfire Cooking in Another World with My Absurd Skill – Episode 7 Recap & Review

The Wolf Dances With Monsters

Episode 7 of Campfire Cooking in Another World with my Absurd Skill begins with Fel, Sui, and Mukoda traveling through the griffons and orthros territory to reach their destination faster. They get ambushed by some young orthros, but Fel handles them easily.

After Fel boasts about his Rending Claws technique, they all decide to camp out for the night. Mukoda makes a new black serpent dish for Sui, Fel, and himself to eat. The next morning, Fel, Mukoda, and Sui notice some Healing Mushrooms scattered around. Fel says they’re edible and often used as medicinal ingredients. Mukoda and Sui go into the forest to get the mushrooms, and Sui starts eating them. Sui starts glowing, and Mukoda checks his stats and learns Sui obtained the skill called Healing Potion Creation. Mukoda summons some plastic bottles and asks Sui to put his Heaing Potion serum inside each one.

Fel says Sui is a unique slime due to his intelligence and ability to make healing potions. Three days pass and the gang encounters a griffon who can speak the human language. The griffon asks Fel to fight him so he can become the head of his pack. Fel doesn’t hold back and leaves the griffon badly wounded. Mukoda asks Sui to make Healing Potion so he can give it to the griffon. Mukoda heals the griffon with the potion and tells him that he left a scratch on Fel to boost the griffon’s self-esteem. The griffon calls his pack to inform them about his achievement.

He becomes their leader and gives Mukoda a feather. He promises that none of his kind will attack him or the others and leaves. At night, Mukoda whips up an Orc Tonkatsu dish for everyone to eat. As they feast, Fel reminds Mukoda that he has to send Lady Ninrir food. In the morning, our crew exit the forest and set their sights on the Kingdom of Leonhardt. They stumble upon a caravan owner being mugged by thieves. Fel threatens them to stop, and the caravan owner thanks Mukoda and his friends. The owner’s bodyguards also give their thanks for the assistance.

The owner tells Mukoda he plans to head to Karelina City, which is located in the Leonhardt Kingdom. Mukoda and his friends ask the owner if he can attend, and he gladly accepts their offer. The episode concludes with Mukoda apologizing to Ninrir and sending her some western desserts.

The Episode Review

Sui got a power-up and we received a fun fight between Fel and a griffon. It’s great that our characters have escaped the forest and plan to head to another kingdom. The whole forest expedition was fun and gave fans many exhilarating and wholesome moments to ponder. I’m curious to see how strong Sui will become by the end of this series.

Based on Fel’s wording, he’s a rare slime with incredible potential. Not only can he provide great offense to Mukoda’s team, but now he can supply Fel and Mukoda with recovery options. While this is great from Mukoda’s point-of-view it makes the world feel less dangerous in retrospect. Hopefully, later episodes will introduce threats that are too challenging for Fel to defeat alone.

Otherwise, many individuals may grow bored of the same “weak monster of the week” schtick the series offers currently. Therefore, introducing some serious obstacles that Fel can’t handle alone would add to the show’s drama and challenge.

Overall, this was a fine episode that moves the story forward and develops some cast members. With about six episodes to go, I’m imploring we end off on a satisfying climax or cliffhanger.

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