Campfire Cooking in Another World with My Absurd Skill – Episode 6 Recap & Review

Growth Happens Out of Nowhere

Episode 6 of Campfire Cooking in Another World with my Absurd Skill begins with Fel bringing Mukoda to a dungeon to help him train with Earth magic. He promises to provide Mukoda with a shield but will not interfere with his training.

Before entering the dungeon, Mukoda uses Online Grocery to whip him up a meal. Mukoda tells Fel that this otherworldly food will provide Mukoda a status boost. After eating, Mukoda checks his stats and notices they went up 20%.

Mukoda, Sui, and Fel enter the dungeon after Fel sets up the barrier. They stumble upon a wild slime where Sui defeats it with his acid attack. Mukoda attacks some slimes with Stone Bullet and wins. Fel tells him that anything that dies here becomes the dungeon’s nutrients, worrying Mukoda. The group runs into some “Kobolds,” and Mukoda defeats them with Stone Bullet after being frightened by them.

Fel tells Mukoda not to get cocky just because he can shoot mere pebbles from his hand. They reach the dungeon’s final floor and Mukoda’s worried because he must defeat 10+ Kubolds. Fel tells him not to worry because he has his barrier and Sui to fight alongside him. Sui and Mukoda fight the Kobolds with their respective magic. Sui shows no fear while Mukoda’s scared for his life. They defeat the first horde, and two remaining Kobolds flee. Suddenly, the two Kobolds get tossed aside. The Kobold King emerges ready to challenge Mukoda and Sui.

As Mukoda runs away and fires Stone Bullet, Fel warns him that the Kobold King could break the barrier protecting Mukoda. Mukoda runs out of mana. Before the Kobold King could break the barrier, Sui attacks the king with his acid and defeats him. Mukoda faints and awakens outside the dungeon with Fel and Sui. Sui greets Mukoda and says he gained the power to speak after defeating the Kobold King. Mukoda checks Sui’s stats. He learns Sui’s no longer a baby slime and has reached level 7. Mukoda investigates his own stats, and he’s also reached level seven and mastered Earth magic.

Fel returns and reveals he lied about his barrier being breakable to push Mukoda to learn Earth magic. Mukoda whips them all up a meal to celebrate their accomplishments. After eating, Sui reveals he enjoyed chatting with Uncle Fel, resulting in Mukoda belittling Fel for his “uncle” status. Fel yells at Sui for calling him Uncle Fel, resulting in Sui crying. After hurting his feelings, Fel warms up to the name but will only allow Sui to call him that. The episode concludes by giving us a glimpse of what happened between Fel, Sui, and Mukoda after their battle with the Kobold King.

The Episode Review

This was a simple and solid episode. Unlike Mukoda’s Fireball training, this regime had our boy fighting numerous monsters to help him master Earth magic. This is the type of training I wanted to see Mukoda endure for his fire magic. It’s great to see him being pushed to his limit against the Kobold King.

Even though Mukoda’s life wasn’t in any real danger thanks to Fel being next to him the entire time, it was great seeing him get pushed to his breaking point this week. Sui’s evolution reminded me of the subtle transformations Pokemon would endure in their series. It’s great knowing that he’ll be able to communicate with our cast.

On the other hand, many folks may find Sui’s voice irritating. Nonetheless, it was an adorable development that I can see playing a major role in helping our characters connect with each other on a personal level. Overall, this chapter contained great action and development for our protagonists. I’m looking forward to seeing what lies ahead for our heroes as they make their way east.

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