Campfire Cooking in Another World with my Absurd Skill – Episode 5 Recap & Review

The Goddess of Wind Has a Sweet Tooth

Episode 5 of Campfire Cooking in Another World with my Absurd Skill begins with Fel and Mukoda stopping by a lake to fish. Fel electrocutes the lake to make the fish easier to catch for Mukoda. After securing the fish, Mukoda makes a delightful meal out of it, and Fel helps out. Fel and Mukoda enjoy the meal.

After eating, Mukoda tramples over the slime creature from the previous episode. Fel wonders if the monster had entered their habitat before he made the barrier to protect him. He tells Mukoda that they don’t need to worry about it hurting them since slimes are harmless. Mukoda greets the slime monster, finds it adorable, and checks its status. The slime starts eating everything, worrying Mukoda. Fel says they can eat everything from pebbles to meat. Although worried, Mukoda feels the slime monster can help dispose of their trash. After playing with it, Fel says that the slime has become Mukoda’s familiar. Mukoda names it Sui.

The next day, Mukoda practices a new Stone Bullet spell but fails. Fel argues he should try fighting monsters again to practice, but Mukoda wants to try a safer method. He takes a break and sits next to Sui. Mukoda notices that Sui’s become larger and stronger than before. He wonders if the food from his world is affecting Sui’s stats. Fel orders Mukoda to make him a meal, and Mukoda prepares Fel, Sui, and himself some grub. All three enjoy the meal, and Mukoda realizes he’s starting to get used to the food in this world. After eating, Mukoda checks Sui’s status and realizes the food only made Sui briefly stronger and didn’t increase his level.

Mukoda’s happy that Sui helps with cleaning the dishes. He makes Fel, Sui, and himself some dessert and Green Tea. In the morning, Fel tells Mukoda that the Wind Goddess Ninrir gave him a revelation. He says Ninrir would like to bestow her blessing on Mukoda, but he must offer her sweets from another world at the altar once a week. Fel explains she can’t give Mukoda the same blessing she gave him. Mukoda will receive Ninrir’s Modest Blessing in return. This blessing can disable any abnormal status that isn’t lethal enough to kill Mukoda. His magic activation ability will get an upgrade too.

Mukoda accepts but asks Fel about the praying process and where he can locate an altar. Fel says anything can serve as an altar–from a tree to a small rock. He must pray with honesty, though. Fel gives Mukoda information on what sweets Ninrir desires, and Mukoda prays on a rock. Mukoda receives Ninrir’s blessing, and we examine Ninrir enjoying the food he gave her. Mukoda practices Stone Bullet again and manages to mark the tree. He gets exhausted from using mana, so he eats sweets. Fel returns from a trip and forces Mukoda to give him sweets. While Fel eats the sweets, Ninrir communicates with Mukoda telepathically.

She requests him to give her some dorayaki and sweets, even though she promised to have him send food to her once a week. After praying, Fel, Mukoda, and Sui start heading east. Fel asks Mukoda about his training with Stone Bullet, and he says it’s going well. Fel wonders if he should bring him to a specific location to help him learn the technique faster. The episode concludes with Ninrir spying on Mukoda, Fel, and Sui as they eat.

The Episode Review

It looks like we technically have two companions joining Mukoda and Fel. Although Ninrir can’t interact with our heroes on a personal level, she can connect with them via telepathy. Mukoda will be used for his cooking prowess and obtain a blessing that’ll improve his stats. While this is fine, many may prefer if Mukoda earned his stat boosts through physical training like in typical RPGs.

Although seeing Mukoda practice his techniques is fair, it’d be better if he were to learn new techniques by fighting monsters. Fel could serve as his guide and give him tips on defeating the world’s strongest beasts, given his experience. It’d make Mukoda’s progress feel satisfying for the viewer and less unearned. Mukoda aside, Sui and Ninrir are nice additions to our group.

Sui’s a wholesome slime that will warm people’s hearts, while Ninrir adds more comedy to our team. On that note, both characters could spell doom for Mukoda’s wallet if he’s not careful. Fel’s appetite is dangerous enough, but adding these two only adds more pressure on Mukoda. It’ll be intriguing to see Mukoda develop a strong bond with these three as we progress further into the narrative.

Overall, this chapter of Campfire Cooking In Another World was comforting. There wasn’t much action–besides Fel electrocuting fish and Mukoda whipping up meals for them. Let’s hope the next episode continues building upon our cast’s relationship and Mukoda’s magical potential.

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