Butareba: The Story of a Man Turned into a Pig – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

Even a Pig Will Dance if You Flatter Them Enough

In Butareba Episode 2, Jess is getting ready to take the pig to the royal capital. Even though Jess can read the pig’s thoughts, she continues to let him off the hook for having wild thoughts about her.

Following that, Jess and the pig travel to Kiltyrie. Jess then leads the pig down an unlit passageway. On the way, Jess is approached by a man trying to sell her black Ristaes.

He finally settles on selling her one Ristae for two hundred bucks after some haggling. The pig, however, is suspicious of the guy, and so he requests Jess to follow him as he runs.

The pig’s concerns about the ristae vendor were confirmed once they stepped out of the alley. Following this, Jess admits that she has plans to use ristae for the pig’s benefit. He tells her how much this moved him and thanks her.

After that, Jess goes to the store where she always buys ristae. She asks the merchant how much it is, and he says 600 bucks. Jess tries to bargain the price down to 200 bucks, but the shopkeeper is having none of it.

The pig then requests Jess to take him to the merchant to be sold. He assures Jess that he’ll escape. The pig even dances for the shopkeeper to try and win his favour. Following that, the merchant accepts Jess’s pig in exchange for the black ristae.

The episode concludes when Jess’s pig tells her he’ll get away and wait for her below a tree they visited earlier that day.

The Episode Review

Jess and the pig have started getting ready to travel to the royal capital. Despite the fact that she is aware that a man lives within the pig, the stunning young lady shows no signs of caution. Jess, completely captivated by the pig’s every action, takes the pig shopping with her in the bustling town of Kiltyrie.

It’s not a terribly interesting episode, but it plants seeds of wonder. Jess hands the pig over to the store owner, and we’re left wondering if there’s any chance it’ll make a run for it.

The episode is supposed to be humorous given that the pig has sexual thoughts about Jess and that she can read his mind. However, it’s simply unsettling because he’s a pig in every sense of the word, and she’s a girl who’s actively supporting his twisted fantasies.

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