Butareba: The Story of a Man Turned into a Pig – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

You Must Not Fall in Love with Your Oshi

Episode 3 of Butareba starts with the pig and Jess at the festival. In order to entertain the crowd, the pig is made to dance. Despite suffering from severe social anxiety, the pig breaks out into dance and impresses everyone, even Jess.

Following this, the merchant asks Jess to leave. Jess is reluctant to leave the pig alone, but the pig insists that she must do so or else she will become a suspect once it manages to escape.

Once she’s gone, the men at the fair continue to ask the pig to dance and entertain them. The alcohol vendor uses this to his advantage as the crowd grows intoxicated. Since everybody is passed out from drinking, the pig is able to run away.

The pig overhears the ristae vendor talking to a man as it proceeds to meet Jess under the tree. The ristae vendor has been ordered to kill Jess or else he will also meet a violent end.

The pig rushes to tell Jess about the vendor’s intentions. He ends up meeting Jess under the tree and he fills her in on everything. After this, the two of them devise a plan to capture the vendor in a backyard shed.

The pig acts as planned, luring the vendor inside the structure. However, the pig notices that the shed has a window. The pig keeps attacking to prevent the vendor from escaping through the open window. It manages to escape the shed and Jess traps the vendor.

The pig has obviously been stabbed by the vendor at at this point, and the episode ends with the pig bleeding out and losing consciousness, leaving Jess in despair and fear.

The Episode Review

In episode 3, we see the pig dance for the crowd at the festival. The pig escapes the merchant’s grasp when everyone is drunk, and he finds Jess waiting for him under a tree.

In terms of plot, this episode is a big improvement over the previous one. To top it all off, the pig’s filthy thoughts about Jess have been reduced to some extent.

The show’s world building is all over the place right now though but it is only the third episode, so hopefully things will improve. We’ll have to wait and watch the direction the show takes moving forward.

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