Business Proposal – K-Drama Episode 6 Recap & Review

Ha-ri’s Boyfriend

Episode 6 of Business Proposal begins with Tae-moo admitting to Ha-ri that he knows her true identity. They then rush to the police station together to find Young-seo and Seong-hoon.

At the station, an officer tells Young-seo that the perpetrator will likely only be fined. Tae-moo, however, has Seong-hoon dig up the man’s personal information. He later informs the perpetrator, Shin Jeong-u, that he’s buying out his company and firing him.

He also has evidence that the man has filmed several more women, and he threatens to put him in jail for a long time.

Ha-ri tries to avoid Tae-moo at work. He texts her, asking her to meet him after work to talk.

Tae-moo later admits to Seong-hoon that he has feelings for Ha-ri. He’s certain that he should tell her, so he practices his approach before their dinner.

That evening, they meet at Chairman Kang’s private restaurant. But Ha-ri doesn’t want to eat. She hands him a resignation letter for the company, thinking it was his intention to fire her all along. But she does beg for another chance.

Tae-moo realizes that Ha-ri doesn’t like him romantically, so he simply says he’ll think about her request.

Later, Ha-ri gets dinner with a group of her friends, including Young-seo, Min-woo, Yoo-ra. At the dinner, Yoo-ra baits Young-seo into insisting that Ha-ri has a boyfriend. When Min-woo asks, Ha-ri says it was the guy she went to the concert with. Yoo-ra notices that Min-woo appears jealous.

She and a few friends plan to accompany Min-woo to Busan that weekend, where he will be featured on a TV program. Young-seo says Ha-ri has plans with her boyfriend that weekend.

At work, Ha-ri awaits Tae-moo’s decision. He rips up her resignation letter in front of her, and she thanks him effusively. He says he’ll see her that evening to work on a secret project.

Tae-moo asks her to the cinema after work, where they’ll watch a film about food development as research. When she struggles to recline her chair, he does it for her, almost kissing her in the process. She quickly rushes to the bathroom.

When she gets out, she sees two of her co-workers who have come to the movies together. Ha-ri rushes back into the theatre to hide Tae-moo before they come in.

Tae-moo is forced to crawl out of the theatre on his hands and knees, and Ha-ri must watch the movie with her co-workers.

Tae-moo thinks of another excuse to ask Ha-ri out. He decides to take her on a business trip with him to Sokcho-si.

They go to the beach to eat at a food truck, and he asks her questions about her life. She wonders at his attentiveness.

Young-seo and Seong-hoon run into each other at a restaurant again, and Seong-hoon asks that she stop avoiding him. He follows her when she leaves, worried she can’t get home after so many drinks.

She then drunkenly confesses that she fell for him the first time she saw him. They kiss in the street.

On their drive from the beach, it begins raining. Tae-moo starts panicking, hearing his own voice crying for his parents. He drops Ha-ri off on the side of the road and drives away. He has flashbacks to seeing his parents die in a car crash in the rain.

Ha-ri’s phone dies, but she sees a hotel and walks toward it. The rain dies and Tae-moo calms down, so he goes back to the stop–but he doesn’t see Ha-ri.

She runs into Yoo-ra at the hotel, who says Min-woo’s filming was moved there. They all insist on seeing her boyfriend.

The episode ends with Tae-moo appearing out of nowhere and introducing himself as Ha-ri’s boyfriend.

The Episode Review

Every plot twist in Business Proposal seems to rely on sheer coincidence, and that is especially true in this whirlwind of an episode. I just can’t get behind forced romantic progression– is it too much to hope for more natural development?

It’s sweet to see Tae-moo chase wholeheartedly after Ha-ri, and his brash commitment leads to some comedic moments. But the romantic tension between the two falls somewhat flat when we don’t receive much of Ha-ri’s point of view.

Young-seo and Seong-hoon have their own moment, despite their relationship not having nearly as much build-up as Tae-moo’s and Ha-ri’s. A drunken first kiss, however, kills the romance of the scenario.

While this episode was overall a cluster of blunders, it does set us up for some interesting new dynamics between the two couples. It seems Tae-moo and Ha-ri have new people to fake a relationship for–Ha-ri’s friends–and that is a task certain to feel more intimate than before.

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8 thoughts on “Business Proposal – K-Drama Episode 6 Recap & Review”

  1. Yeah, Tae-moo buys a business just to fire the guy who creepily spied on his friends. I like over-the-top myself. Then Tae-moo researches Ha’ri in social media to find her greatest likes, and then makes an entire morning all about her likes.
    Then he blows all good will by throwing her Ha’ri out of his car and into a pouring rain, without her bag, and a cell phone with a dead battery. Coincidentally, (yeah right) she makes it to the hotel where her former college (so-called) friends are staying. The clerks at the front desk agree to charge her phone as she goes into the bathroom to dry off. As her phone is charging, it begins to ring again and again, until a clerk picks it up so that Tae-moo can find Ha’ri as it has stopped raining.
    When Tae-moo enters the hotel, he finds Ha’ri with her friends inferring that Ha’ri made up an imaginary boyfriend. Tae-moo seizes an opportunity to make up his previous horrible behavior by rescuing Ha’ri in this social group by becoming the perfect boyfriend.

  2. I would *hardly* consider Yoo-ra one of Hae-ri’s friends, considering the way she is constantly messing with her (and the fact that she horribly betrayed one of her other friends, Min-woo).

  3. I never tire of the trope of the smitten handsome (and secretly kind) wealthy guy who swoops in all debonair to help his gal “save face.” Swoonworthy episode, even if it’s all contrived and the rest doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

  4. I agree with your review ~ I think we might be in the minority who are not starstruck by such a lacklustre story/drama

  5. I don’t agree with your review. I think overall up to the latest episode it has been fun to watch! The way the couples meet is cute, the girls banter is hilarious & they have all brought their characters to life. I think Ha RI & Tae Moo do have great chemistry that we’ve only begun to see. I give it a 8 from what I’ve seen so far and only expect it to get better since they have a chance to spend more time together to fool her friends.

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