Business Proposal – K-Drama Episode 7 Recap & Review

The Kiss

Episode 7 of Business Proposal begins with Tae-moo calling Ha-ri. Her phone is charging at the hotel, so an employee picks up for her. He shows up at the hotel, where he hears Ha-ri’s friends giving her a hard time about her date not being with her. So, he walks up to introduce himself as her boyfriend.

Yoo-ra invites them to dinner, which Tae-moo accepts. He later apologizes to Ha-ri for leaving her on the road.

At dinner, Tae-moo acts the part of the charming boyfriend. When the friends ask what made Tae-moo fall for Ha-ri, he says he knew she was the girl for him the moment he saw her. They are further charmed when they learn that Tae-moo is the president at Ha-ri’s company.

Ha-ri and Tae-moo agree to stay at the hotel that night, and they have to share a room so Yoo-ra and the others don’t get suspicious. 

Yoo-ra is annoyed that Ha-ri is dating such “a perfect guy.” When Min-woo arrives, she tells him about how she is dating the president of GOFood. 

Meanwhile, Young-seo wakes up in Seong-hoon’s flat. She thinks they must have slept together. When he gets back with hangover soup, she asks that they pretend whatever happened between them didn’t.

Ha-ri finds Min-woo in the lobby the next morning. When Tae-moo sees them, he puts his arm around Ha-ri, which makes Min-woo uncomfortable. 

When Min-woo suggests Ha-ri could stay in the city with them whenever Tae-moo has to leave for work, Tae-moo decides to rearrange his schedule to stay with Ha-ri for another day.

The six of them go sailing. Min-woo takes Tae-moo aside to ask why it had to be Ha-ri when he could date anyone.  Tae-moo gets angry, asking that Min-woo never judge his girlfriend again.

They decide to go fishing next, and the men make a competition of the sport. They fish for hours, until Ha-ri nearly collapses from exhaustion. Tae-moo drives her to the hospital.

Ha-ri worries that Tae-moo wasted his time on her. He asks if she really doesn’t know why he did all those things. Finally, he admits he has feelings for her and that he was jealous of Min-woo. He then apologizes, asking her to take her time to think about everything.

Chairman Kang storms into Tae-moo’s office. He shows him pictures that were taken of Tae-moo and a mystery woman that weekend and demands that he explain. Tae-moo says he broke up with Geum-hui; he wasn’t cheating on her. 

Young-seo runs into Seong-hoon at a parking garage, where she tries and fails to hide from him. He tells her to stop making him look pathetic. He says he fell for her, but will forget anything happened between them just like she asked.

She follows him into his flat, where she admits that she doesn’t remember sleeping with him. She was so flustered that morning, she just tried to erase the incident.

He laughs. He says that from now on, he’ll make sure she never forgets, and kisses her.

Ha-ri plans to reject Tae-moo, but finds herself smiling every time she thinks of him. A week passes, and she still hasn’t given him an answer. 

Tae-moo selects someone from Ha-ri’s team to do a promotional video with Min-woo. He hopes to catch just a glimpse of Ha-ri during the video. However, when he arrives, he’s surprised to find that she is in it. Ha-ri had to take the place of her sick co-worker.

Seeing them shoot together makes Tae-moo jealous. Ha-ri gets flustered when she sees Tae-moo watching her and spills sauce on her coat.

Tae-moo is waiting for her when she gets out of the bathroom. When Chairman Kang arrives, he grabs her hand and runs from his grandfather.

He says he told his grandfather that he broke up with Geum-hui, and now he’s trying to set up blind dates for him again. Ha-ri says he should go on the blind dates, so he asks her why she’s rejecting him.

She says she worries about the opinions of others, like his grandfather. He says that shouldn’t matter.

He tells her he won’t give up, but will keep asking her out. She says it’s obvious she’s not right for him, so why does he keep making her like him?

The episode ends with Tae-moo asking Ha-ri one more time to stay by his side. She leans forward and kisses him. 

The Episode Review

The main course of this episode is a lot of jealous posturing from Tae-moo and Min-woo. There’s little to endear Tae-moo to Ha-ri in his recent actions, as he doesn’t respect any of her wishes or boundaries. A few smiles whenever she thinks of him seems to be the only evidence we have of her feelings for him–and it’s not enough to make me believe in that kiss.

One thing Business Proposal gets right is that it always keeps you guessing. Other fake-dating romances often draw out the same situation over several episodes. The dynamic between Ha-ri and Tae-moo is always changing, however. While often outlandish, the scenarios they find themselves in are interesting, to say the least.

Ha-ri may have kissed Tae-moo, but that’s definitely not the end of their problems. How will they corroborate all their stories to Chairman Kang, Min-woo, and Ha-ri’s co-workers and family?

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5 thoughts on “Business Proposal – K-Drama Episode 7 Recap & Review”

  1. After Tae-moo apologizes to Ha’ri for leaving her stranded in the pouring rain, Ha’ri admits that she was worried about him (for his panic attack.) Tae-moo repeated the word worried, as if he were surprised by her concern. When Min-woo shows up the next morning, Tae-moo becomes jealous of Ha’ri’s crush and agrees to stay another day to show off to the group by ordering for his grandfather’s to treat everyone to a day on the water. While boating with the group, Tae-moo is asked for the reason he finds Ha’ri attractive, Tae-moo likely responds truthfully when he replies that he finds Ha’ri beautiful and fun because he does not know what she will say next. Ha’ri thinks Tae-moo is making it all up. Later, aside from the group and Ha’ri, Min-woo accosted Tae-moo in asking why a man who could have almost any girl, be interested in Ha’ri. Tae-moo defended Ha’ri by accusing Min-woo of thinking himself better than Ha’ri, but that Min-woo was in the wrong, in that Ha’ri was superior and that Tae-moo would not tolerate anyone belittling her. Swoon.
    Ha’ri woke up feeling ill, but became increasing sick on the boat. No one notices because Tae-moo and Min-woo are jealously competing for the most and biggest fish. When Ha’ri collapsed, Min-woo is the person to catch her fall, much to Tae-moo’s embarrassment. Tae-moo takes Ha’ri for medical help, and then drives her home as she sleeps in his car. When Ha’ri apologized for taking his time away from work, Tae-moo knows he must be clear that he had feelings for Ha’ri and wanted to spend time with her. Earlier, Tae-moo admtited that he was so jealous of Min-woo, he did not even notice that his girlfriend was sick.
    At work, Tae-moo wants to take a peek at Ha’ri, and finds her shooting a promotional ad with Min-woo. When she accidentally squirts red sauce on her sleeve as she cuts vegetables, the red sauce is mistaken for blood and Seong-hoon grabs Tae-moo to allow others to address the incident. After Ha’ri cleans the stain, Tae-moo runs into her, and when Chairman Kang chases Tae-moo he grabs her and they hide from him in a corner where Ha’ri does not resist her urge to kiss Tae-moo.

  2. Nice to see Tae-woo and Hae-ri actually reaffirm and confirm their relationship, however having this be a secret is not really a long term solution.

  3. One really gets the idea that Yoo-ra is driven more by envy towards Hae-ri than by intrinsic desire/motivation.

  4. Nice to see Tae-moo send a clear signal. Min-woo should have not gotten together with his current girlfriend, full stop.

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