Bungo Stray Dogs – Season 5 Episode 10 Recap & Review

End Of The World

Episode 10 of Bungo Stray Dogs Season 5 titled ‘Land of Inhuman Demons (Part 3)’ begins with Aya recalling how her dad always compared her to her sister and called her a failure. She then realises that she is with Bram on the ledge of the highest tower at the airport.

In the Mersault elevator, Sigma is panicking when Dazai notices that the walls have been painted with flammable fluid. They head underwater just as the elevator explodes. Sigma tries to go above as he runs out of air but Dazai stops him. He almost thinks the Detective is trying to kill him but realises that the air above has become poisonous.

Sigma’s gun doesn’t work on the door but Dazai takes it and shoots the control panel. They are able to open the door and let the water out. But Fyodor gives another command and the elevator drops. Sigma is worried but Dazai pushes him out on the hallway before the elevator takes him down. Sigma is conflicted as he is not sure if he should continue with Dazai’s plan to help the Agency or escape.

Atsushi’s mind is reeling from the real plot of the Decay of the Angels but he heads out anyway. He spots Aya but before he can reach her, Akutagawa attacks. Atsushi tries to distract and stop him by asking why he gave his life for Atsushi to escape. 

Meanwhile, in Mersault, Dazai too escapes via the 4th floor but his leg is injured. Fyodor orders Chuuya to kill him but Sigma enters the comms centre and shoots his shoulder. He tells the demon to stop Chuuya as he has promised to help Dazai and read Sigma’s memories.

Fyodor tries to manipulate him by saying Dazai is manipulating Sigma and making him feel like the Armed Detective Agency is his new home so that he will help. But Sigma doesn’t fall for it. Instead, he asks about Fyodor’s ability while pointing the gun at his head.

At the airport, Aya panics after she hears Fukuchi threaten the UN. Turns out, he used Bram and the holy sword to send an order to all the vampires to attack in 5 minutes. She apologises to Bram and says she has to do something as she tries to pull the sword. He screams in agony but tells her to try anyway. It then cuts to a memory of his daughter who looks like Aya. 

In Mersault, Sigma shows a note in Russian that says ‘help me’ that he found on the floor. Fyodor suddenly starts screaming and says the demon is his other personality and only the Sword Kladenets blade can kill him. Unfortunately, he is just messing with Sigma and stabs him when the casino owner falls for it and tries to take the blade.

Fyodor, however, allows Sigma to touch and read his mind which is full of information. An already injured Sigma is speechless as the overload of information has him falling down. 

Meanwhile, Atsushi is trying to get through Akutagawa by reasoning that since he didn’t kill Aya, he is still himself. But it doesn’t work and Akutagawa tears Atsushi’s hand and leg. The same happens to Dazai who jokes that he may possibly be able to bring Chuuya back with some wise words. But his nemesis shoots him point blank in the head.

At the airport, the UN gives the order to open the One Order and Bram says it is the end of the world. Fukuzawa is unconscious and bleeding next to Fukuchi. Watching it all, Aya decides to tie the holy sword to a table and push it off the building to try and take it out of Bram.

The One Order becomes a demonic walkie talkie and Fukuchi goes back on his word to the UN and orders all vampires to attack. Aya does her best as she pushes off the table with much difficulty. Bram is in pain but the sword doesn’t budge. She is shocked and he comforts her.

The Episode Review

Finally, we are getting the Akutagawa and Atsushi fight that we have been waiting for since season 3. But even then, it doesn’t have that energy of enemies fighting as they had pretty much bet on the other to help take Fukuchi down. But it makes the fight sequence that much more exciting as Atsushi doesn’t want to hurt Akutagawa but help him, however, it backfires.

Ah, it also makes sense why Bram cannot stand humans but he feels protective of Aya. She reminds him of his daughter or could very well be her incarnate. He even assures her that she did her best when her plan (which is extremely painful for him) fails. He better adopt her at this point and have her real father disappear under “mysterious circumstances.”

Bungo Stray Dogs is usually a comedy, but Season 5 Episode 10’s switch in the genre is not at all jarring. In fact, it will have viewers on the edge of their seats, mouths open and stunned with plot twists after plot twists.

The writers are not holding back; this season has been the most brutal where even the main characters are not safe anymore. As the finale nears, the stakes are extremely high and almost all of our favourites are out of commission. By the way, what is Fukuchi’s real goal? Tell us already!

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  1. This is a really good show, and the highlights of it are the plot and characters. The plot is at its peak now, but I don’t see how the story will continue if the characters are half dying or dead! I hope this gets a little brighter. And soon.

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