Bungo Stray Dogs – Season 5 Episode 11 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Ending War

Episode 11 of Bungo Stray Dogs Season 5 titled ‘Twilight Goodbye’ begins with Aya struggling with the table. At that moment, the vampires unleash millions of missile rockets, Akutagawa bites Atsushi and Fukuzawa wakes up. Bram comforts Aya but she laughs as she is a wielder of justice and she has just the right thing – herself. She falls on the table and after a heartbeat, the sword comes off and the table and Aya fall.

How does Fukuzawa stop Fukuchi?

Meanwhile, Fukuzawa attacks but Fukuchi guesses his move. He stabs him with his time-space sword but that is exactly what Fukuzawa wanted and he pushes Fukuchi away. He uses the same sword to slice Fukuchi’s neck and uses the One Order to stop the attack.

He then makes the most flawless strike of his life which cannot be stopped midway. He regrets it on seeing Fukuchi’s face but the sword goes through him. However, at that moment, Fukuchi reveals that he had stolen Poe’s notebook and the two old friends end up in it.

Is Dazai alive?

At Mersault, Fyodor and his vampire guard spies are welcomed by an excited Nikolai who hands him the antidote. Apart from one other foe, Dazai was the most formidable for Fyodor but it cost him his life. He was only able to injure Fyodor’s hand which has him asking one of the vampires to pilot it. As for Sigma, he will never regain consciousness after the information overload.

Fyodor also threatens to erase Nikolai for trying to kill him. Nikolai just takes it in stride as another game. But before Fyodor can leave in his helicopter, one of the vampire guards stabs him while Dazai coolly walks out.

How does the Armed Detective Agency stop the Decay of the Angel?

Back at the airport, Bram has Akutagawa save Aya. His whole body has regenerated and he bows as he says he is her knight. The missiles are disabled and Ranpo wakes up Atsushi who is again human.

At Mersault, everyone is shocked and Dazai explains that he had a lot of uncertain cards but he knew one weakness of his enemy – Fyodor didn’t have allies. However, Dazai was able to guess that Ranpo negotiated with Bram to manipulate the vampire guard who took over the helicopter. Meanwhile, Chhuya was never a vampire and was just faking it.

Chuuya used his anti-gravitational ability to stop the bullet at the last minute from hitting Dazai. The mafia member keeps complaining about the fake fangs and the risky bullet-stopping move while Dazai continues to gloat over the execution of his plan. Having Fyodor drown was just a move to have his hand injured so that a vampire could take over the helicopter. 

The vampire is then commanded by Bram to smash the helicopter into Mersault. Just before it explodes, Fyodor says the Aramaic phrase asking why has God forsaken him.

What is Fukuchi’s real goal?

In Poe’s novel, Fukuzawa and Fukuchi go into the memory of their childhood days. Fukuchi says he did all he needed to do and Fukuzawa finally guesses his real motive. The UN will pass a special amendment stating that a special command be put into place that can override other nations’ military to prevent an incident like today. The Chief in Command of the Army of Mankind will have One Order but won’t dominate the world.

Fukuchi’s real goal always was to rid the world of war. Atsushi wakes up Kunikida and Tanizaki and says the machine made sure they would wake up without injuries. He says it is all the culmination of 36 years. Fukuchi then reveals he once received a message from his sword, Amenogozen – in 36 years there would be a world war sparked by multinational conflict and it would take 210 million lives.

He also tells Fukuzawa that wars only take place because there is an ‘us’ and ‘them’. But in the future, as globalism takes over, everyone will become ‘us’ and war will fade. He says he cannot wait, hence the terror plot to rush the process. Fukuzawa sympathises but says uniting humanity is impossible in one night. But Fukuchi deduces that the world will soon form a supernation with a commander.

Once that happens, the last command in the reality-altering page will take effect – no one will question the need to unify humanity and so war and the need for war will stop for good. Fukuzawa points out the flaw – without war, there is still a dictatorship of the commander. Absolute power corrupts and it would also corrupt the Commander of the Army of Mankind.

Fukuchi says that is why he wants Fukuzawa to become the commander and he offers the sword to kill him. As the hero who stopped the terror plot, Fukuzawa will naturally be the first choice which will also save the Armed Detective Agency. This is Fukuchi’s plan all along as he configured the One Order to respond to Fukuzawa’s voice which is why he was able to use it.

Fukuchi says he also made sure he would not sacrifice more than 500 people, his cost for peace. He adds that the proposal was Fyodor’s but knew he was evil, which is why he kept him in the Mersault prison.

Is Fyodor dead?

Dazai pulls out Fyodor’s hand from the wreckage and declares that he is dead. He then congratulates Nikolai who is conflicted. The clown takes the hand and says his life changed after meeting Fyodor. He kisses the hand and Chuuya wonders why Dazai is not being snarky but he feels pity for Nikolai. He simply takes the antidote and leaves Nikolai. 

How does season 5 end?

Back in reality, Fukuzawa tries to kill Fukuzawa but in a flashback, he remembers saying he always wished to have the strength to protect his loved ones while Fukuchi wished for world peace. Fukuzawa throws the sword away but suddenly Teruko stabs Fukuchi. He always knew Fukuzawa could not kill him and had Teruko as a backup. She is furious as she gives her sword to Fukuzawa and tells him not to ruin the plan.

Fukuchi falls and Fukuzawa catches him. Fukuzawa tears up as he asks if there is no other way but Fukuchi doesn’t respond. Everyone including Tetcho, Kenji, Lucy and Kyoka looks on as Fukuzawa screams. Ranpo then gives him the One Order and feels regret as he recalls Fukuchi being the first guest when they opened the Agency. Unable to destroy the One Order, Ranpo realises it is a curse that Fukuchi has bestowed on Fukuzawa.

Two hours later, the airport is on fire and someone throws Atsushi. A man with a mask attacks with the time-space sword but Akutagawa stops him. He says they will end the story that Fukuchi started and Atsushi asks if it is just the two of them. Akutagawa asks if they need more and Atsushi smiles and they attack the masked man head-on.

The Episode Review

Of course, no one can kill Dazai. Sorry, we doubted you. But does this mean that Chuuya was acting out those vampire gargling noises, how did no one laugh? Though it does feel a little implausible that Fyodor, the great planner and mastermind fell for it. Or maybe he always knew about Chuuya and Dazai’s plan to an extent and didn’t stop them as it aligned with the deal he made with Fukuchi?

However, not a great idea to kill the unkillable demon by crashing the helicopter into a building. Dazai you are better than that. Watch us say ‘I told you so’ once Fyodor pops up again in season 6.

By the way, it is so satisfying to see how each plot twist and move is explained in episode 11 of Bungo Stray Dogs Season 5. Guess Fukuchi was always the good guy, he just used the Decay of the Angel to control that world war that was supposed to take place in 36 years. 

Oh and what happened to Sigma? What is it that he learned about Fyodor? Is it his secret ability, come on wake up and tell us. Who is that formidable foe as well? Is it the masked man? And what happens to all our faves who died and were turned into vampires? Can they now switch between being human and vamps like Atsushi and Akutagawa? So many questions. Give us the next season ASAP!

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