Buddy Daddies – Season 1 Episode 11 Recap & Review

Everyone Will Be Hypocrites

Episode 11 of Buddy Daddies begins with Kazuki and Rei feeling bummed out after giving Miri up to her mother. Kazuki plans to send away Miri’s remaining belongings to her as Rei sleeps in the tub.

We receive a montage of Kazuki and Rei going about their days but finding it hard not to think of Miri. Rei heads outside to smoke, and Kazuki reflects on how quiet it has gotten since Miri’s absence. Rei plans to move in with his father in a year and offers his apartment to Kazuki. Kazuki appreciates the offer, but he plans to find a smaller place. Rei hands him his lighter as a parting gift and heads to bed.

Meanwhile, Miri and her mother enjoy life together. Miri’s mother tells Miri she plans to work hard to give her a better life. Kazuki visits Kyutarou for more assignments, but Kyutarou refuses. He notices Miri left a greater impact on Kazuki than he anticipated. Kazuki tells Kyutarou that Rei went home to live with his father and how much Rei and his father are irritating him.

Meanwhile, Rei’s father tells Rei that he’ll bestow him with everything the Suwa family gave him and will remain by his side forever. At the same time, Miri sings “Silent Night” and asks her mother when will Rei and Kazuki pick them up.

Miri’s mother tells Miri they’re not her real fathers, but Miri doesn’t agree and wishes they could all live together. Her mother holds her tightly and sobs. As we get shots of Miri with her mother, Rei’s father tells Rei that he must finish his affairs but knows that Rei may not have the gall to kill Miri and Kazuki. Rei’s father says he’ll handle it. Rei begs his father not to harm Miri, but his father’s not backing out of it.

To preserve their family’s history and bloodline, Rei’s dad plans to rid Rei of all his distractions. Rei calls Kazuki and tells him to rush to Miri’s mother’s place. Kazuki calls Kyutarou and asks him to contact Miri’s mother since they’re in grave danger.

Miri’s mother opens the door and gets shot by Rei’s father’s hitman, Ryou. Ryou prattles on about things as Miri’s mother desperately tries fleeing. Kazuki makes it on time but struggles to fight Ryou, and Ryou shoots him in harm. Kazuki tells Ryou he informed the cops before arriving here. Ryou plans to shoot him, but Kazuki tricks Ryou into thinking Rei was about to gun him down from afar.

Ryou pins Kazuki down but hears the police from behind the door and bales. It appears it was just Kyutarou making siren noises and impersonating the cops. Before Miri’s mother perishes, she tells Kazuki to tell Miri that she’s sorry for everything. Kyutarou and Kazuki arrive at Kyutarou’s safe house. Rei arrives, and they inform him about Miri’s mother’s death.

Kyutarou apologizes for not informing the two that Rei’s father (his boss) was investigating Rei’s life. This is why he wanted them to return Miri to her mother because he felt Rei’s dad would leave them alone.

Kazuki and Rei head outside to discuss things with Miri. Kazuki plans to wipe every trace of Miri from the public eye by taking her to an orphanage and leaving her life for good. Rei refuses to let Miri escape his grasp again and feels guilty for being partially responsible for her parent’s demise.

Miri wakes up, and Kazuki tells her that her mother will be away for a while. Kazuki and Rei approach Kyutarou and tell him they’ll be leaving the hitman business. The episode concludes with Kazuki telling Kyutarou this time they’re going to be a real family.

The Episode Review

It looks like Kazuki and Rei’s separation from Miri didn’t last as long as we anticipated. While it was great seeing Miri, Rei, and Kazuki together again, they’ll have to deal with a lot of unfinished business to maintain their positive energy and relationship. Despite being a horrible mother to Miri, Miri’s mother’s demise was handled somewhat poorly. It felt a tad rushed and convenient to have her perish this soon into the story.

Nonetheless, the moments we spend examining Kazuki and Rei’s lives without Miri were great. Seeing the apartment look barren and littered with trash and food captures our protagonists’ heartbreak well. It was great seeing Rei reflect on Miri’s situation as he feels the most guilty for getting her parents killed.

It’ll be interesting to see him tackle more fatherly tasks now that he’s more determined to be there for Miri. The same can be said for Kazuki. Viewers can tell that Kazuki’s failure to protect another motherly figure had an effect on his initial decision to leave Miri at an orphanage for good. Thankfully, Rei showed and reminded Kazuki that he has what it takes to be a delightful caretaker for Miri.

Overall, this episode of Buddy Daddies was enjoyable. It had a great mix of drama, tension, and action. Although it felt like problems were resolved too swiftly, many will be pleased to see Miri back with her daddies. As for Rei’s father and Ryou, we’ll have to see what Kazuki and Rei will do to rid themselves of them.

There’s a chance Kyutarou can help them out with this issue, but that remains to be seen. Hopefully, the next chapter can give us another fun episode to sit through.

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