Buddy Daddies – Season 1 Episode 10 “Lost At Sea” Recap & Review

Lost At Sea

Episode 10 of Buddy Daddies begins with Anna getting the kids ready for the upcoming Christmas Party at the daycare. Anna has trouble singing the song “Silent Night,” so Miri promises to help her with it since she used to sing it with her mother.

Meanwhile, Kazuku and Rei discuss what they should get Miri for Christmas. Suddenly, they run into Miri’s other at the daycare. Miri’s mother tells Kazuki and Rei that she wants to take Miri back with her, but Kazuki refuses to fork her over after everything they’ve been through. Miri notices her mother and rushes toward her, baffling Kazuki.

They return to their apartment, and Miri shows her mother several drawings, her clothes, and the room Rei and Kazuki made for her. Miri’s mother asks Miri if she likes being here with Rei and Kazuki. Miri’s mother and Miri prepare some Hamburg steak, and Miri asks Kazuki and Rei to have dinner with them. Kazuki’s infuriated by the whole thing. After eating dinner and putting Miri to sleep, Kazuki and Rei interrogate Miri’s mother. Miri’s mother reveals she has cancer, lost her job, and can no longer sing. Miri’s mother says she doesn’t know how long she has left to live and asks Kazuki and Rei if she can have a fresh start with her daughter.

She promises to treat Miri with better respect than before. Kazuki and Rei refuse to let Miri go, so Miri’s mother tells them she knows about their assassin’s work life. As Miri’s biological mother, she can’t leave her in their care. When Miri’s mother leaves, Kazuki and Rei ponder her words and head to Kyutarou’s cafe for advice. Kyutarou confirms he told Miri’s mother about their business. He shows them a photo Ogino Ryo took of Rei, Kazuki, and Miri at the daycare sporting event. Kyutarou says their work has been sloppy, and the organization is furious about their work ethic.

Kyutarou says it’s best for Kazuki and Rei to get rid of Miri soon, or else they receive more than a warning from the organization. Kazuki and Rei show resilience, but Kyutarou reminds them that they killed Miri’s actual father and that it’s time to stop pretending to be a happy family. The next morning, Kazuki and Rei decide to have fun with Miri and take her to multiple fun locations. Kazuki receives a text from Miri’s mother telling her to meet her at their planned location later. Kazuki and Rei take Miri to get some sweets. When Miri finishes eating, she spots a child and their mother discussing things.

She tells Kazuki she wishes her mother could’ve joined them. Kazuki agrees and lets Miri wander for a bit. He asks Rei if it’s best to tell Miri the truth, but Rei said it’s best to have Miri remain happy. They continue having fun playing Morio Kart, shopping, etc. They visit an amusement park and ride the Ferris wheel. Kazuki and Rei discuss the matter of the cat from the first episode.

Afterward, Kazuki and Rei deliver Miri to her mother. The episode concludes with Kazuki and Rei realizing they weren’t able to change their ways and go through with taking care of Miri.

The Episode Review

Buddy Daddies stepped up the tension and drama this week with another emotional rollercoaster this week. Instead of going for a lighthearted finish, this chapter sought to make people experience a boatload of sadness, agony, and discomfort. It was tough sitting through and watching Kazuki and Rei spend their final moments with Miri.

After all, they’ve been through as a unit, it hurts to see things turn out this way. This episode had some neat and powerful callbacks to previous chapters, including the opening theme that plays before each episode begins. The reasoning for Kazuki and Rei to give up Miri could’ve been elaborated upon more, though. Kyutarou says the organization is fed up with Kazuki and Rei’s lazy performance.

Yet from what we received in the anime, Kazuki and Rei have handled their assigned work with the class. There are some missions they couldn’t get done because of Miri but those were few and far between. Therefore, it doesn’t make sense that the organization would be infuriated with them for failing missions if they’ve been completing them without fail.

Other than that, this episode was spectacular. It contained a proper balance between its lighthearted and dark elements and concluded on a strong note. With three episodes remaining, I’m certain Kazuki and Rei will find a way to reunite with Miri. As to how they’ll do so, is up in the air at this point. I’m excited to see how it all unfolds in the coming weeks.

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