Buddy Daddies – Season 1 Episode 12 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Daughter Daddies

Episode 12 of Buddy Daddies begins with Miri waking up Rei since it’s Christmas today. After breakfast, Miri draws a portrait of Santa Claus in the snow, and Kazuki asks her what type of present she wants for Christmas. Kazuki and Rei drop Miri off at Aozora Daycare for the Christmas Party and inform Anna that Miri’s mother won’t be attending.

Miri confronts Kazuki about it, and he tells Miri her mother will be helping Santa Claus deliver gifts. They promise Miri that they’ll attend the event and watch her sing. Miri heads inside while Anna tells Kazuki and Rei that Miri practiced hard for her performance at the Christmas Party.

Kazuki and Rei meet with Kyutaro. Kyutaro hands them their weapons so they can stop Rei’s father’s plan to harm Kazuki and Miri. Kazuki asks Kyutaro to give Miri a Christmas gift if they don’t return. Kyutaro throws a bag at Kazuki and leaves. Kazuki and Rei plan to settle things with the organization now, so they don’t have to worry about them in the future.

Rei and Kazuki arrive at the front gate of his father’s headquarters. Rei’s father’s men disarm Kazuki, but before Rei passes through, he asks his dad’s men to let Kazuki tag along with him. However, they refuse Rei’s orders, so Kazuki and Rei knock them out and flee toward the entrance, where they spot Ogino.

Rei and Kazuki head inside. They engage in a shootout with more of Rei’s father’s men. Kazuki and Rei overwhelm them with grenades and gunfire. Rei moves on ahead, and Kazuki gets ambushed by Ogino.

Meanwhile, Anna compliments Miri on her arts and crafts. Miri plans to give Kazuki and Rei these crafts and reveals she wants Santa to help Rei and Kazuki finish their work so they can attend the Christmas Party. At the same time, Rei swoops in to fight Ogino while Kazuki’s down. Rei tells Ogino he wants to discuss things with his father, but Ogino refuses to let that happen.

Rei gets badly wounded, so Kazuki distracts Ogino by attacking his pride by reminding him that he heard Miri’s mother’s (Misaki) last words. Enraged, Ogino chases Kazuki down. They head into the kitchen, and Ogino shoots Kazuki’s leg. Kazuki tells Ogino that Misaki’s last words were “Miri.” Ogino taunts Kazuki and asks him for his final words before he kills him.

Rei swoops in and helps Kazuki defeat Ogino. Before he writes his last words, Kazuki throws a lit lighter into the bathroom to let Ogino perish explosively. Rei patches Kazuki up and tells him to grab the getaway car. He promises that he’ll be okay with his father alone.

Rei confronts his dad and tells him he’s leaving the organization. His dad says he will not let that happen as it goes against his organization’s code. His father tries shooting him, but Rei beats him to the punch and reiterates that he’s leaving. His father says if he kills him, the organization will continue to pursue them. Rei gives a heartfelt speech about his new family and why it holds more weight than his ridiculous bloodline.

Rei shoots his arm to prove a point to his father. Rei says farewell to his father and leaves his headquarters with Kazuki. At the Christmas Party, Miri and her friends sing “Silent Night.”

Miri’s worried Kazuki and Rei won’t make it to the event. Near the song’s final moments, Miri spots Rei and Kazuki entering the room with Santa outfits on. Miri hugs Kazuki and thanks Santa for her gift. Anna takes a group photo of them all. We receive a 10-year time skip depicting an older Miri, Kazuki, and Rei. Kazuki and Rei own a diner and Miri’s now a high school student. The season concludes with Miri and her fathers taking one last selfie together.

The Episode Review

It appears our loving family turned out alright in the end. Rei and Kazuki stopped Ogino and lived a fulfilling life with Miri. I wasn’t expecting a time skip, but I’m glad one happened. While it’s unknown if Kazuki and Rei told Miri about Misaki’s demise, many can assume Miri knows what happened to Misaki since she has a photo of her and Misaki in her room.

The whole scenario involving Rei and Kazuki tackling Rei’s father’s men got my heart pumping. Seeing Rei and Kazuki dodge bullets and utilize their wit to pull one over on everyone felt great. The battle with Ogino felt a bit rushed and contrived, though. For a top operative, you’d think he’d be more intelligent and skillful in his bout against the pair.

Nonetheless, seeing Ogino perish without writing down his final remarks felt satisfying. The scene between Rei and his father held great tension throughout. It was rewarding having Rei stand up to his father and share his stance on wanting to be a part of a real family. We can assume Rei’s father was touched by his words and refused to let anyone harm his son’s new family.

Overall, this was a nice way to wrap up this story. It had exhilarating action, and intense drama and provided viewers with closure. While some parts could’ve been drawn-out more, I was teary-eyed seeing Miri and her fathers smiling in the show’s closing moments. Regardless, I will miss watching Miri and these buddy daddies’ adventures.

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