Bosch: Legacy – Season 2 Episode 9 “Escape Plan” Recap & Review

Escape Plan

Episode 9 of Bosch: Legacy starts with Ellis hiding out on a boat after paying someone to help him escape town, provide him with new clothes, passport and a new driver’s licence. However, obtaining a car is proving more difficult. He is told he must pay more money to get a car, and he reluctantly agrees to this. 

Martin bails Chandler out after she was arrested at the end of the last episode. She promises him she’ll fix things after putting the firm’s name into disrepute. She gives a statement to the press where she claims the FBI are attempting to destroy her reputation, and calls their investigation baseless. 

Agents Jones and James think she is just playing up to the cameras, but Baron is concerned she’s up to something. 

Chandler and Harry are trying to get the Foster case thrown out, explaining why they think Ellis and Long killed Lexi Parks. The DA denies their attempts and refuses to drop the case. Chandler suggests he’s motivated by re-election and not what’s right for the case. 

The next day, Chandler is at a hearing to dismiss the case against her, with Harry alongside her. When the FBI comes in with a bag of shredded documents relating to the Rogers case, Chandler reveals it was all a set up, and she gave the real files to her lawyer, which are very much still intact, meaning the FBI have a bag of scrap paper. This means the search warrant based on their suspicions that Chandler destroyed evidence is baseless, and the evidence they found is inadmissible. Genius! The judge dismisses the case, but Baron tells Chandler it isn’t over yet. Harry tells him to back off. 

Harry drives away from the courthouse, but has spotted a tail on him, so he runs a red light and tries to shake the tail, but a cop car pulls him over. Turns out, it’s Maddie keeping an eye on her father, figuring that something might be up and that he’s a target for Ellis. 

Mo is in a safe house, keeping an eye on the twins who worked for Ellis, while Harry and Chandler are on their way to get their testimony. Harry slips the lookouts Maddie has posted near his office and is picked up by Chandler. 

The twins mention to Mo that Ellis and Long got possession of a boat as part of a scam, and Harry thinks this is where Ellis might be hiding out. He takes Chandler’s car to check it out. 

Maddie talks with Vasquez about following in her father’s footsteps with good and bad consequences. She says knowing her father so well comes in handy. When the police say a blonde woman turned up, she believes this is Sam, the dog walker, confirming Maddie’s theory. She gets a tracking location on Harry’s phone and sees he is heading to the marina. She believes he’s going after Ellis on his own, so she and Vasquez go along to check it out. They split up at the scene, with Vasquez telling Maddie to stay in sight. 

Harry finds the boat and the boat owner tied up inside, whom Ellis caught snooping earlier on. Ellis sneaks up on Harry and holds him at gunpoint. Harry tells him the police are on their way, telling him to check the scanners to confirm this. Ellis second guesses himself, giving Harry the chance to knock him out and a fight ensues between the two men. Ellis tries to pull out another gun, but Harry wrestles him, and a shot is fired into the ground before the gun itself hits the ground. Maddie and Vasquez hear the gunshot and follow where it’s coming from. 

Harry and Ellis take their fight onto the deck of the boat, with Ellis getting the upper hand on Harry, and he chokes him. Harry grabs a sharp object and stabs Ellis in the chest with it, causing him to let go of the chokehold. But Ellis grabs the gun again and points it at Harry. Maddie arrives in the nick of time and shouts at Ellis, telling him to freeze and drop the gun. However, he raises the gun at Harry, and Maddie shoots Ellis, knocking him off the boat, and into the water, killing him. Vasquez arrives on the scene after it all goes down. 

Harry thanks Maddie for saving his life, but Maddie has to be questioned about the shooting, so the police don’t want them discussing the incident too much. Harry tells her she did the right thing. 

At the end of the episode, Baron reveals his plan to get Harry and Chandler. Jade, who had been going on dates with Mo, is actually an undercover agent, who is working Mo to get the information they need to bring Harry and Chandler down. Betrayal!

The Episode Review

This is an action-packed episode that ties up a lot of season 2’s big storylines, and creates a lot more problems for the core characters going into the final episode. It’s great to see Maddie’s work as a police officer directly collide with Harry’s private investigations, and seeing her tail her father and pull him over is rather entertaining.

Overall, this is a really strong episode, with lots of good action and some excellent development of the supporting characters, especially Mo, who is quickly becoming a fan favourite. 

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2 thoughts on “Bosch: Legacy – Season 2 Episode 9 “Escape Plan” Recap & Review”

  1. I disagree with your rating. The scene where Harry goes after Ellis, a stone cold killer without authority or backup is completely insane in the real world. Possibilities are 1) Ellis surrenders (and then what? He cannot arrest him), 2) he kills Ellis (and gets arrested himself for 1st degree murder), or 3) he gets killed by Ellis.

    We just had a scene where 10 heavily armed officers went to arrest harmless Mo the hacker, which is how it would really work, and surely Harry knows this after 30+ years as a cop.

    It does set up a Hollywood ending where, predictably he gets himself in deep trouble, and has to be rescued by, ta da, his daughter.

    This is so weak, phony, and disappointing.

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