Bosch: Legacy – Season 2 Episode 8 “Seventy-Four Degrees in Belize” Recap & Review

Seventy-Four Degrees in Belize

Episode 8 of Bosch: Legacy begins moments after the horrific crash that ran Harry and Mo off the road. Ellis and Long flee the scene of the crime. Harry has minor cuts and scratches, but Mo is in the hospital dealing with concussion. They talk about the crash, and Mo thinks he saw a silver car but can’t remember too much. They both attest to hearing the sounds of a ‘muscle car.’

Harry goes home, removes the tracker from his car and destroys it. Harry and Chandler look at the DVD he got from the watch shop, and it shows Ellis and Long discussing the watch with the Nguyen brothers. They recall the last man James Allen had a date with remembers hearing a ‘muscle car,’ which further implicates Ellis and Long. 

They decide to check it out and go to a place where Harry knows cops take their cars for repairs. He tracks down a silver car and proves it belongs to Ellis. He takes pictures and finds a receipt, which he makes a note of. 

Chandler goes back to the graveyard to get more security footage from the water tower, hoping to prove Ellis’ car was at the motel the night James Allen was killed. Elsewhere, Ellis and Long find out Harry survived, which unnerves them greatly, as he knows too much. 

Agent Baron tells FBI agents Jones and James they are getting search warrants in the Carl Rogers case, but it’s taking longer than expected. However, he has another plan to pursue in the meantime. Jones and James approach Maddie and interrogate her at the police station, asking her where she was when Rogers was released and how Chandler felt when he was released. She reveals they were all upset, but says no more. The agents tell her they think Harry was involved in domestic terrorism, but Maddie refuses to answer anymore questions. 

Maddie meets with Harry and asks him if any of this is true, but he tells her he can’t tell her in order to protect her. 

Mo confirms Ellis and Long visited Allen the night he was killed, using the footage Chandler obtained. They think Schubert got Ellis and Long to steal the watch to pay off the gambling debts, and sold it to the Nguyen brothers as part of the arrangement. Harrick then buys the watch for Lexi, but she finds out it’s stolen and threatens the Nguyen brothers, exposing Ellis and Long in the process. Ellis and Long kill Lexi and frame Foster for the murder. Case solved, right? Not quite, as they can’t figure out how Foster’s DNA was found at the scene. 

Harry tells Chandler the FBI talked to Maddie, and Chandler reassures him Maddie’s career won’t suffer for all of this. Elsewhere, Ellis tells Long they need to do something drastic because Harry is getting close. 

Harry visits Dr. Schubert at his home to talk about Lexi Parks and warn him he could be in danger. Ellis and Long turn up at Schubert’s home and storm the house. Schubert hides upstairs, while Harry joins him and calls 911. Schubert tries to convince Ellis and Long that he didn’t tell Harry anything, but Long shoots him anyway. A gun battle ensues, and Harry manages to shoot Long, but Ellis gets away. Long is on the brink of dying, but Harry doesn’t care–all he wants to know is where Ellis is going. Long refuses to say. 

The police arrive on the scene, and they tell Harry to put his hands up. He talks to the detectives on the case and tells them all he knows about Ellis and Long’s involvement in the Lexi Parks murder. Harry thinks Ellis will go after the sex workers he had been using, so Chandler agrees to let them use her safe house.

Harry and Maddie talk about everything, and he says he doesn’t regret how everything went down. Maddie then asks Harry if he would ever lie to her, and he says he wouldn’t.

Elsewhere, Foster is in the hospital after being attacked in prison, and Chandler meets with the prosecutor and the judge to discuss putting him in protective custody until the trial takes place, and they agree to do this. 

The FBI finally gets their search warrants and subsequently raids Harry’s apartment and Chandler’s office at the same time. Martin Rose is very disappointed that this reflects badly on his firm and says he might have to consider Chandler’s position. 

The episode ends with the FBI not finding much of interest, apart from a recording of Chandler threatening Carl Rogers, which makes them think she knew about the explosion before it happened. They turn up at Chandler’s house and arrest her. 

The Episode Review

The cat is out the bag in episode 5, and Harry and Chandler have figured nearly everything out about Lexi Parks’ murder. This episode is another frantic one as the investigation into Carl Rogers’ murder intertwines with the Parks murder case in typical Bosch fashion.

There’s a gripping shootout towards the end of the episode and some excellent character moments, as Madison Lintz plays Maddie’s continued struggle with her ordeal very well. Overall, it’s another top quality episode that leads up nicely to next week’s gripping double episode finale. 

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