Bodies – Episode 4 “Right Up the Wazoo” Recap & Review

Right Up the Wazoo

Bodies Episode 4 starts in 2023. Hasan is discussing the name “Hillinghead” with a colleague and reveals that he was a detective from 1890. She digs deeper and finds information on a deceased man in Long Harvest Lane. She also finds the 1941 case file with the same naked body found. She shows Barber the case files from 1890 and 1941, and he thinks the photos have been digitally altered. 

Hasan and Barber look up Harker Legal, and discover it was founded by Julian Harker in 1894. She visits the house and finds Andrew Morley there. 

Andrew takes her to a dark room where several dead bodies of Gabriel Defoe from different timelines are being stored inside a preservation tank. Hasan once again demands the reason and purpose behind all of these, but Andrew began to get emotional and asked her to tell his son that he apologised for what he had to do.

As Hasan tries to console him, Andrew captures her and locks her up in a dark room. Hasan begins to shout for help, but no one seems to be there to let her out.

Back in 1941, Whiteman doesn’t end up killing the little girl, as it’s revealed he pretended to kill her when he saw the car following him. He takes her to his apartment and tells her not to make any noise, so they can move out of the city. Whiteman is under surveillance by an inspector ordered by the commissioner. 

Whiteman takes the girl and makes an escape, blending into the crowd after a massive bombing takes place. They head to the underground and find a lady who seems curious about him and the girl. 

Whiteman asks the old lady to watch the girl as he tracks down the person who has been following them. Turns out the old lady is the daughter of Hillinghead. Whiteman kills the man following them, but realises he’s not from the secret organisation. 

He returns to the girl and the old lady, and she bids them goodbye, saying, “Know You are Loved.” The little girl dies from a poison given to her by the old lady. 

2053 – Iris attends a lecture by Defoe and discovers he believes in a theory that humans can travel back in time. They meet afterwards, and discuss their differing beliefs. Iris lets him stay at her place, as he expresses concerns for his safety. 

They drink wine and discuss the progress of London City in 2053, developing a bond. Midway through though, he suddenly stops the conversation, telling her he’s had a nice time and is glad to have met her, leaving to use the bathroom.

A neighbour pops by to look after her cat, leading Defoe to escape her place while she is distracted. She chases him and captures him, but is shot by Lorna, who is revealed as someone from Chapel Perilous. Defoe asks Lorna what the next step is, and she says they must take Iris to the chapel. 

The Episode Review

The plot intensifies, and the intrigue is growing, making this midpoint episode feel like the key to the unravelling of the rest of the season.

It’s an entertaining episode, despite the continuing issues with the balancing of all four timelines. But everything is starting to make more sense, leading to a nail biting second half of the season.

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  1. Hey Mike, thanks for reading, the point in question I’ve gone in and re-edited slightly so it reads better than it did because although the points in the recap are correct, that part in particular needed the sentence sprucing up a bit.

    I’m sorry to hear you haven’t enjoyed reading our recaps but do appreciate you giving us feedback! From what I can see the details are correct, albeit done so in a way where each timeline leads into the next, rather than jumping back and forth between time periods all the way through like the show does. If there are any glaring inaccuracies though, do let us know as we can go in and correct that.

    -Greg W

  2. Your recaps of this series are so full of wrong information it’s tragic. I can’t even begin to point them out they are so numerous. But I will point out the one that made me right this. ‘When he (Defoe) discovers how kind she (Iris) is, goes to use the bathroom’. Maybe you were watching a different show?

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