Bodies – Episode 3 “All in Good Time” Recap & Review

All In Good Time

The 1890 timeline opens Bodies Episode 3, and Hillinghead meets up with Henry to further investigate the dead body found on Long Harvest Lane. They find a hexagonal bullet hole, which reveals information on the class status of the perpetrator. Henry thinks he knows the man in the photo and takes him to the Harker house, where Lady Agatha and her son, Julian Harker, reside. Hillinghead confirms Harker is the one in the reflection on the photo. 

Hillinghead attends a party hosted by Julian Harker and asks him if he knows about the deceased naked man. Julian avoids the question. He has drugged Hillinghead, who starts feeling dizzy. However, he still attends a seance hosted by Lady Agatha, and he shows pictures of Gabriel Defoe. She summons Defoe and asks him if Julian killed him. The spirit answers with a definitive “no.”

Hillinghead refuses to believe this and wants to leave, but he loses his ability to walk, resulting in Harker undressing him and taking a photo of him with the dead body in order to blackmail him. Hillinghead wakes up the next day outside the Harker house. He goes to Long Harvest Lane and scribbles his name on the wall. He tells Henry Ashe that he’s afraid Harker will harm him and his family. They get closer and share a kiss. 

Cutting to 1941, a little girl who witnessed Whiteman killing Lee Cozen comes to the station to give a statement. Whiteman convinces the commissioner that the girl knows nothing and just wanted some ice cream. Whiteman pays the girl off with two pounds. The secret organisation want him to kill the little girl, so he takes her to a different location and makes her drink a bottle of alcohol laced with poison. He realises he’s being followed, so he appears to suffocate the child with a piece of clothing. 

2053 – Defoe meets with Iris, and they both go to KYAL headquarters. He sees his own body being observed. The body starts to have convulsions, leaving Defoe in shock. Iris asks him if he’s involved with a terrorist organisation called “Chapel Perilous.” He claims to not know what it is.  Iris meets with Commander Mannix, and they discuss the issue with both Defoes. Mannix says it was Defoe that was found dead on Long Harvest Lane. He also tells her Chapel Perilous was working on the time travelling concept that originated from Defoe, and the Long Harvest dead body is Defoe from the future. 

The Episode Review

Another mind bending episode, but despite shifting the order in which the timelines appear in, it still feels like way too much information to take in for one hour-long episode.

However, as the plot thickens, Bodies does leave you wanting to know what’s going to happen, so kudos to the producers for that. 

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  1. Along with the other comments about how wrong this is, he didn’t give Esther poison alcohol, he knocked her out with chloroform, he drank the alcohol himself!

  2. It’s a hexagonal shaped hole in the dirt made by Harker’s / Mannix’s cane, for a start, not a hexagonal bullet hole. The bullet hole is bullet shaped

  3. Hey L, thanks for commenting! Sorry to hear that, if you let me know what details are incorrect, we can go in and get this changed and updated. Really appreciate you letting us know and getting in touch.

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