Bloodhounds – K-Drama Episode 7 Recap & Review

Episode 7

Episode 7 of Bloodhounds starts in the hospital with Woo-jin in surgery. Due to mass blood loss, the doctors are worried they may lose him. However, since Gun-woo has the same blood type as Woo-jin, he manages to donate his blood for the operation. He forces the nurse to draw as much blood as Woo-jin needs in order to save his friend. Outside the operating room, Hyeon-jo cries to herself about the loss of President Choi.

Without informing Gun-woo, she leaves the hospital and goes somewhere all by herself. Gun-woo is worried about her but soon breaks into a sob upon hearing that Woo-jin is out of surgery and in critical care.

The episode then takes a 6-month jump to June 2021 as Woo-jin and Gun-woo are living in the countryside. They are training very hard and live with Mr Oh, President Choi’s secretary. The boys want to fight Myeong-gil but Mr Oh is against the decision.

Gun-woo tries to reason with him and asks for a chance to help people and avenge President Choi, Yang-jung and Du-yeong’s deaths. Mr Oh gives them his final word and tells them he will not allow this. He then visits President Choi’s tombstone and finds Hyeon-jo’s letter there. She misses her grandfather a lot and blames herself for bringing the mess to Myeong-gil. She tells Mr Oh that she had left for Rome, claiming that she would never return because the country reminded her of President Choi.

Mr Oh is saddened after reading the letter and finally goes back to see Woo-jin and Gun-woo. He gives them the remaining 300 million won from President Choi’s cash fund and sends them off to Seoul. The boys go to Mr Oh’s granddaughter, Do-min’s, apartment. She is a quirky character and pokes fun at the two naïve boys. Both Woo-jin and Gun-woo wash up and start strategising, Gun-woo learns that Do-min was an archer from the photos set up in her apartment.

Gun-woo believes that finding Jae-myeong should be their first step but Woo-jin argues that they should have some backup in the form of allies. They consider talking to Mr Hong Min-beom who was the heir of the I-il group and Myeong-gil’s biggest client. They are shocked to see that Mr Oh had arranged a convertible for them as they go to see one of the loan sharks that Myeong-gil’s men had conned. He tells the boys that a few hundred million won were not worth risking his life for and asks the boys to back off.

Gun-woo and Woo-jin then see Mr Moon and tell them all about what Myeong-gil and his men had done. They learn that Mr Moon also had been conned by Myeong-gil who had coaxed him into signing a contract that had manipulative terms and conditions written in fine print. He tells the boys that his office was ransacked for money while he was beaten to a pulp for not being able to pay up. Mr Moon has a hard time processing the death of President Choi. After seeing Mr Moon, Gun-woo and Woo-jin pay Jae-myeong a visit.

After a few punches to his friends, Jae-myeong volunteers all the intel on Myeong-gil to the boys. He tells them that Myeong-gil is overworking them for money and making them con the disabled, borrowing money at a faster speed. He also tells them that Joo-min is alive after his throat was slashed and that Myeong-gil is getting desperate after losing his trusted man, Jang-do. He also adds that Myeong-gil no longer trusts his own men and has plans to take over a golf course in addition to trying to building his own casino in Mr Hong’s hotel.

Woo-jin threatens to expose Jae-myeong if he tells anyone about their return but Jae-myeong is tired, since he’s overworked and underpaid anyway. The boys end up looking up Mr Hong Min-beom on social media and send him a text about how they can help recover the video and destroy it for him.

At the same time, Min-beom is called to an abandoned building to meet Myeong-gil. There, Myeong-gil beats the chaebol up and asks him to get his father to agree to sign the contract for the hotel as soon as possible. He threatens to kill Min-beom and leak the nude video, making Min-beom even more desperate.

Min-beom shares Woo-jin’s text with his brother, Gang-yong, who offers to meet the boys using their usual MO. Gang-yong believes getting the boys drunk would be a good way to learn their true intentions. So naturally, they invite the boys over to a private bar where two cops are present on Gang-yong’s orders and ask them to have a drink. Woo-jin claims that Myeong-gil’s men stabbed him and that his liver is heavily damaged, so he’s not able to drink anymore.

Gun-woo eventually agrees to have some in order to please Min-beom and Gang-yong. Everyone, including Woo-jin, is shocked to see that despite finishing three bottles, Gun-woo shows no signs of being drunk, while Min-beom and Gang-yong have already lost their minds from consuming too much alcohol.

The next morning, Min-beom wakes up in his hotel room while Gang-yong wakes up on the couch; Woo-jin and Gun-woo make some ramen for the four of them. At breakfast, Gun-woo tells Min-beom that they have decided to hack into Myeong-gil’s phone to try and unlock the safe from his mobile. Knowing that the safe is highly secure, it would incinerate the contents inside and destroy the hard drive and its contents.

Gun-woo also adds that Min-beom will Myeong-gil busy with the contract signing to make the hacking possible with the help of Gang-yong’s team members. The group agrees, while Gun-woo and Woo-ji meet up with Hang-gu and Tae-yong who are with the cops to help with the procedure.

Tae-yong is from the cyber crimes unit and explains that Myeong-gil’s phone will be hacked into using WiFi and explains two possible methods to do so. Min-beom is worried that the plan was too risky and not foolproof but Gang-yong claims that this was all they could do. The group gets ready and sets up the meeting room up with cameras for the contract negotiation between Min-beom and Myeong-gil. Myeong-gil scans the QR code with his phone that lets Tae-yong into his mobile but they soon learn that Myeong-gil had used a spare phone to do so.

Myeong-gil starts the meeting with Min-beom still scared. Han-gu claims that Myeong-gil had used a different phone to scan the QR code. They ask Min-beom to get him to use the WiFi. Min-beom is petrified to do so and is worried that Myeong-gil might catch along. Woo-jin reassures him that they will not let that happen, and that they’ll barge into the meeting room if he lays his hands on Min-beom.

Min-beom goes into the meeting room and acts confidently in front of Myeong-gil. He tells him that there are cameras everywhere and demands to see the video. Myeong-gil is rattled and wonders how Min-beom has so much courage. He lets the chaebol see the video and in the meantime, Min-beom connects to the WiFi, letting Tae-yong access the security app.

She starts unlocking the security app which causes it to incinerate on its own. The group celebrates their small victory and Min-beom offers to help the boys in return for their help. Min-beom believes he can help treat the scar on Gun-woo’s face, as well as Woo-jin’s liver condition, but Gun-woo states that he wants the scar to be there as a reminder of President Choi’s kindness and Myeong-gil’s evildoings.

On their way back, the boys conclude that Myeong-gil still has the gold bars that belonged to President Choi and decide that they should recover them. Myeong-gil gets back home and discovers that the hard drive has been destroyed. He is sure he knows who is behind it and sends President Choi’s phone to a guy he knows to unlock it. The episode ends with a clip showing that the guy was a cop and belonged to the serious crimes division – similar to Gang-yong.

The Episode Review

It is unbelievable how this show can go from making viewers sob in the previous episode only to having such a funny episode to follow it. Together, Woo Do-hwan and Lee Sang-yi are hilarious and make a very good team. This banter between the two and their comic timing reminds me of the chemistry between Park Seo-joon and Kang Ha-neul in the movie, Midnight Runners.

I was very worried that Min-beom and Gang-yong would betray the boys because they are so trusting and seeing how the episode ended with a cop from Gang-yong’s police division being on Myeong-gil’s side, that may well put the boys in a lot more danger.

The guy from the end of the episode seems to clearly be Kim Min-jae, thanks to his dimples in the final moments of the episode. It looks like Do-hwan and Min-jae are meant for each other as they often make a cameo in each other’s shows, but we’ll have to wait and see!

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