Bloodhounds – K-Drama Episode 6 Recap & Review

Episode 6

Episode 6 of Bloodhounds starts with Myeong-gil torturing Mr Hong Min-beom and asking his cousin, Inspector Min Gang-yong, to find information on Du-yeong. He gives the cop 5 hours to find Du-yeong’s address and threatens to leak the video of Min-beom naked which would ruin their family reputation. Gang-yong promises to help his brother out and save their family’s reputation. He immediately starts looking through the police security footage to see where Du-yeong’s bike had been parked.

On their drive back from Du-yeong’s shop to President Choi’s house the knifers tell Gun-woo and Woo-jin how things will become bad for everyone in South Korea if Myeong-gil is able to set up his casino. Du-yeong claims that he will become a multi-millionaire operating a casino and lending out loans to gamblers and drug addicts as he buys buildings one after the other. Meanwhile, President Choi promises to take Hyeon-jo and the boys on a holiday to Rome so they could live his dream of flexing abroad.

Meanwhile, Myeong-gil prepares his men for an attack and gears up with knives and bulletproof vests. At President Choi’s house, the group sans Gun-woo get drunk to celebrate their small victory. They pledge to find the hard drive first and look for an ally in the form of Myeong-gil’s victims in order to take him down. Woo-jin passes out too soon while Hyeon-jo goes to bed early.

The knifers sit outside and Du-yeong tells Yang-jung that he had a wife and she was pregnant. Yang-jung sends him back home to be with her and calls him a taxi.

In the meantime, President Choi tells Gun-woo how Hyeon-jo’s father had killed himself, leaving her an orphan. He reminisces how Hyeon-jo’s father was one of his borrowers and had fought tooth and nail to help treat her cancer. Du-yeong and Yang-jung had learned that Hyeon-jo’s father, as well as other borrowers, were treated badly by Myeong-gil at the time who had just started off his business. He regrets not taking Myeong-gil down at the time but Gun-woo reassures him how good of a man President Choi was.

President Choi promises to help Gun-woo set up a private gym after all this is done. In the meantime, Gang-yong manages to find the address to Du-yeong’s shop. Myeong-gil and his men raid the shop and find the address to his residence. There, he also learns that Jang-do has been compromised and that President Choi is on crutches, unable to walk. Early in the morning, they set out to Du-yeong’s house and attack him. Du-yeong wakes up in bed and asks his wife to call the cops to report a burglary.

However, instead of fleeing, Du-yeong tries to brave the men. He is overpowered by Myeong-gil’s guys and is about to die. Myeong-gil promises to spare his wife if Du-yeong reveals Yang-jung’s location. However, Myeong-gil lies and ends up killing both Du-yeong and his pregnant wife after finding Yang-jung’s whereabouts. Unaware of what has happened to Du-yeong, the rest of the group has a meal at President Choi’s house. Woo-jin skips breakfast because he’s still asleep.

President Choi asks if Gun-woo’s mother, So-yeon, could help with meals at the shelter for kids. He asks So-yeon to be taken to the shelter along with Gun-woo to drop her off. Yang-jung goes back to the sashimi restaurant but is unaware that Myeong-gil has been waiting for him inside.

The sashimi chef tries his best to fight Myeong-gil but the latter ends up killing Yang-jung with his own sword. Myeong-gil and his men somehow end up at President Choi’s house but since Woo-jin and President Choi are the only people inside, they break in and attack them both.

Woo-jin tries his best to fight them but is stabbed in the living room. Meanwhile, President Choi is taken to the basement where he finds his gun. He tries to shoot at the goons but is soon overpowered by Beom and the men. Beom beats the old man up but leaves him alive for Myeong-gil to finish the job. Myeong-gil is happy that President Choi had left the safe full of gold unlocked and slices his throat, giving him a “peaceful” death.

As Gun-woo and Hyeon-jo return, they are shocked to see the house burned down. Hyeon-jo runs to find President Choi but soon discovers that he has died. Meanwhile, Gun-woo finds Woo-jin and brings him out of the burning house. He checks for a pulse and learns that Woo-jin still has one. They rush Woo-jin to the hospital where the doctors start operating on him. The doctors claim that they’re short on blood because of Covid and needed more but it’s too late. Woo-jin starts bleeding out profusely as the episode comes to an end.

The Episode Review

Good luck not bawling your eyes out while watching the knifers and President Choi die over letting loose for one night! I wish they’d stayed together because that would have given them some edge at least. This episode really was the hardest to watch but it leaves us with one burning question – how did Myeong-gil find President Choi’s hideout? It feels like Du-yeong’s wife tied him down and that makes for an even more harrowing revelation, proving that people in such risky jobs are not allowed to have a happy life because they could potentially risk the safety of their loved ones and teammates.

Woo-jin will probably have to die in order to unleash the anger in Gun-woo. Gun-woo will have a hard time processing the loss of President Choi and I cannot imagine what Hyeon-joo is going through right now. Du-yeong made a mistake in trusting Myeong-gil, despite knowing how big of a liar he is. We’re crossing our fingers over here, praying for Woo-jin to be safe!

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