Bloodhounds – K-drama Episode 8 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Episode 8

The final episode of Bloodhounds starts with Officer Kim Jae-min getting into President Choi’s mobile phone for Myeong-gil. Just then, Gang-yong enters the police station and talks to Jae-min, asking him why he’s still working so late in the night. Gang-yong ends up telling Jae-min about a loan shark who took videos of his victims and how he and his team have finally exposed him. The cop goes on, telling Jae-min that he has some data and a list of his victims.

What does Jae-min tell Myeong-gil?

Jae-min immediately calls Myeong-gil and tells him about the list. Myeong-gil offers to pay him well for information on Mr Oh, and Jae-min tries to find the old man using his credit card history. Myeong-gil asks him to rush and reveals that In-yeong actually has a spare copy of the video. She asks Myeong-gil to send Min-beom a clip in order to threaten him. Meanwhile, Myeong-gil’s men look for Mr Oh in the countryside and kidnap him.

What do Woo-jin and Gun-woo do to help find Mr Oh?

The boys use Jae-myeong’s help to get more information on In-beom and discuss what they could do to trap him. Despite her instructions not to, the boys use Do-min’s computer. She yells at them for not only taking up her apartment but also for filling it up with a “lonely man smell”.

Woo-jin promises to diffuse the odd smell as a gift when they leave which seems to impress her. Just then, the boys get a call from In-beom and are shocked. In-beom sends them a photo of an unconscious Mr Oh and calls them to an abandoned mall to find Mr Oh.

Da-min answers the call and threatens to kill Beom if something were to happen to Mr Oh. The boys wonder if they should call for backup and call Mr Moon just in case. They think about calling Gang-yong too and are shocked to see Da-min trying to tag along. Da-min shocks the boys with her perfect aim as an archer and allows her to tag along.

Mr Moon tears off the cast from his fractured hand and gets ready, marine style, to attack Beom. Woo-jin and Gun-woo get into the mall from the front entrance while Da-min and Mr Moon enter from the back entrance.

Do Gun-woo and Woo-jin manage to kill Beom?

Inside the mall, Beom and Mr Jung are shocked to see the boys fight with so much agility. Woo-jin and Gun-woo together manage to beat up 30 goons without using a single weapon while Da-min uses her archery skills to help them. Mr Jung tries to attack Da-min but Mr Moon fights him off. Beom is infuriated and tries to attack Gun-woo. Gun-woo knocks Beom out with one punch though and fights him, without getting hit once.

Mr Moon does his best to help save Da-min, as Woo-jin catches up to them. Woo-jin manages to instigate Mr Jung into not using a knife and tackles him. Beom tries to knock Gun-woo out and choke him to death, but Gun-woo uses all his might to beat Beom up. The fight eventually ends with Woo-jin knocking Mr Jung out and Gun-woo knocking Beom out.

The four tie-up Beom and Mr Jung, while Mr Moon uses his marine torture techniques to get him to tell them where Mr Oh was. Mr Moon takes Beom away and hangs him on a meat hanger to torture him and get the location of the gold out from him. Meanwhile, the boys and Da-min take Mr Jung in the boot of their car to find Mr Oh.

How does Jae-min help Myeong-gil the second time?

The boys call Gang-yong just incase and tell him about Mr Oh’s kidnapping. Gang-yong calls Jae-min and asks him to call for backup to help catch Myeong-gil. Jae-min learns that Han-gu and Tae-yeong were on his team and tells it all to Myeong-gil. Myeong-gil asks his men to clear the scene so that the cops are not able to find a trace of human remains on the site he used to kill people and destroy evidence by mincing their remains.

Da-min is scared but the boys promise to save her grandfather. Meanwhile, Beom goes full manic and tries to kill himself by swallowing his tongue. However, Gun-woo rushes him to the hospital and saves his life.

What happens to Gang-yong and his team?

The next morning, Gang-yong’s coffee is poisoned while Tae-yong gets hit by a truck and Han-gu is stabbed while in the shower. Myeong-gil sends another clip of the video to Min-beom, leaving him shocked. Min-beom calls Gang-yong who soon learns that he was poisoned. He tries to call for help and throws the coffee up. Myeong-gil calls the boys using Mr Oh’s phone and asks them to come to see him at the fish farm without having the cops involved.

He threatens to kill Mr Oh just like he killed Gang-yong and his friends. After the call ends, Gun-woo tries to call Gang-yong but can’t reach him. Gun-woo claims that taking Myeong-gil by themselves would be risky but Woo-ji reassures him saying they were both stronger than they were before. That night, the boys drop Da-min off far away from the fish farm to keep her safe. The boys enter the fish farm and managed to knock all the goons out.

Myeong-gil is frustrated and puts a knife on Mr Oh’s throat but Da-mi shows up just in time, shooting an arrow onto his arm. Jun-min is afraid for Myeong-gil’s life and takes him away, while Gun-woo, Woo-jin and Da-min team up against his men. They manage to save Mr Oh while Gang-yong and his cops arrest the goons.

The cops discover human remains at the fish farm and get a warrant to raid Myeong-gil’s apartment. There, they find the mobile phones of many deceased people and are able to pin the murders on Myeong-gil. The cops also arrest Jae-min for his involvement.

Do Gun-woo and Woo-jin find Jang-do?

Gun-woo and Woo-jin visit Gang-yong and Han-gu at the hospital, where they learn that Tae-yong is in the ICU. The boys are sure that Myeong-gil will use his method to take the gold bars to Vietnam. Min-beom worries that Myeong-gil will release the video once he gets overseas. Gun-woo and Woo-jin promise to find him before he can go to Vietnam.

The boys use Gang-yong’s help to reach Jang-do, whom they learn is looking for 1 billion won. They manage to get Min-beom’s help with the funds. Jang-do also manages to get the boys on the same ship as Myeong-gil, Beom and Jung-min.

What happens to Myeong-gil on the ship to Vietnam?

Jang-do leaves the country after helping the boys get on the ship. Gun-woo and Woo-jin load themselves on tasers and wear boxing gloves to fight Myeong-gil and his men. Woo-jin takes Jun-min out with a taser but Beom finds him and starts beating him up. Meanwhile, Gun-woo fights Myeong-gil. Simultaneously, Gun-woo and Woo-jin fight Myeong-gil and Beom, knocking the both out.

Gun-woo claims that he’ll kill Myeong-gil if he ever returns, however he is shocked to have blood on his gloves. Gun-woo tells Woo-jin that he somehow ended up becoming a bloodhound despite trying to run away from it. Woo-jin believes that Gun-woo has a boxer’s heart and can always get it back.

How does Bloodhounds end?

The boys end up finding President Choi’s gold bars and call Min-beom about getting Myeong-gil’s phone as well. Min-beom calls Gang-yong about it and learns that Interpol was waiting in Vietnam to arrest Myeong-gil, Jun-min and Beom. Min-beom gets on his boat and brings Woo-jin, Gun-woo and the gold back to South Korea. He tells them that the gold is worth 84 billion won and start a welfare foundation, building a hospital from the money.

Gun-woo asks Min-beom to include President Choi’s name as the owner of the hospital. Min-beom says he’ll try and gives two gold bars each to him and Woo-jin. Gun-woo recalls his last conversation with President Choi when the old man asked him to be grateful for the good things that come with saying thank you.

Gun-woo and Woo-jin thank Min-beom, and as the show ends, Gun-woo and Woo-jin go to the shelter to see Gun-woo’s mother, So-yeon. The woman is worried that both her sons have so many cuts on their faces, but she hugs them tight.

The Episode Review

Wow! I can’t believe the show is over already and with all the stakes involved, the boys still managed to come out of it without getting any blood on their hands. As much as Gun-woo worries he was a bloodhound, they did not have one person die by their hands. Seeing how Gun-woo knocked Beom out with one punch was a definite highlight but you have to respect the guy for saving him when he was swallowing on his tongue to kill himself.

While it would have been nice for the show to have a longer run, it makes sense in its structured 8 episode length. With no loose ends to this one, I hope we get a season 2 where Min-beom turns on the boys and uses the gold bars for his own personal benefit. As much as people love Super Junior’s Siwon in positive roles, so much money could turn him evil.

It is shocking how Hyeon-jo’s storyline was just cut out of the final two episodes of the show because she would be a great asset to the boy in the final chase as they defeated Myeong-gil. This is perhaps the one blemish in what’s otherwise a solid watch.

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  1. This show was phantasically playing the plotline till half of episode 7 – after wich everything fell apart a card house.

    If I could give Episode 8 a rating it would be zero stars. From setting, to characters, to drama, to fighting, to tenseness everything is freaking horrible and cheap mess.

    It feels like a completely different or cheap spin off movies 20 years after the series.

  2. Hyeon-jo’s storyline was cut because the actress in real life got into a DUI scandal which forced the actress to leave the project.

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