Blockbuster – Season 1 Episode 6 “Parental Control” Recap & Review

Parental Control

Episode 6 of Blockbuster begins with Eliza happily announcing she has a night off from her homely responsibilities. Her plan is to have a sandwich while watching the new hit Korean drama, Trout Royale.

Connie agrees with her about the quality of the show but says that Eliza likes the break because she is already tired of Aaron. This is what happened with her and Raul. While Timmy attends to a customer and recommends one of his classic picks, he notices that a lot of DVD cases have the wrong DVDs. They have not done inventory in a long time and Timmy announces that they will no longer delay it. The inventory night is tonight.

Eliza takes exception to the decision as this is a free night for her after a long time. But Timmy says everyone must be there to do the work. She reluctantly agrees after the group guilts her into staying. Carlos has his accounting final the next day and needs time to study.

Hannah is jovial after getting to spend the night with her friends like a sleepover. Connie is with the group too but gets easily sleepy. It is well past her bedtime but she must soldier on. Eliza wants everyone to fasten up the efforts so she can still get back home and watch some episodes before Aaron comes back from his retreat.

Timmy gets an emergency call from his mother and rushes to the old-age home in Eliza’s car. She is annoyed about it but lets him go, warning him that it is a false alarm. And it turns out Eliza is right. Timmy has no boundaries in his relationship with his parents and they still treat him like a child. They fight in front of him and Timmy leaves as he knows he just wasted time coming over there. The situation at the store is the same. Carlos gets a call from her parents wishing him luck with the accounting exam. They have their hopes pinned on him.

Eliza is getting increasingly annoyed with Connie, whose speed has slowed down. She plans a way to get her livelier. Timmy gets back and apologizes. But, as he is ordering pizza, his mother calls again and he has to go again. Eliza’s patience has crossed the brim and she gives Connie an energy drink to quicken her up. She also confesses that she might not be putting in as much effort as Aaron is into getting back together. This time, Timmy clears the air for his parents and says that next time, they only call him if they have a real emergency.

He cannot keep abandoning his staff and store like this. They agree and apologize. Connie comes out super energized and trots around the store like a mafia boss. Hannah and Carlos secretly record her antics, which Carlos later makes into a small two-minute film. Connie, in her newfound confidence, also speaks the truth about Eliza everyone is thinking. She is stuck in life and unable to make progress as she would have liked.

Eliza is discomforted when confronted with this reality. She takes it out on Timmy, who finally reveals that he has set boundaries in his relationships once and for all. They both apologize and makeup. Hannah makes Carlos realize he has a talent for filmmaking and he must never abandon that dream. Timmy finds Connie asleep in the break room, where she says that Eliza is unhappy with Aaron and feels it is not working out. Timmy suddenly has new hope in life.

The Episode Review

Little less talky-talky, a little more restocky-restocky? My God. That single line was so repulsive, one would be tempted to switch off the screens right at that moment. “Inventory day” is another ruse taken from The Office and probably a lot of things from other shows I might not have seen.

ut Blockbuster is making a royal mess of everything. Even the things it has “borrowed” from other sitcoms. It is baffling, to the very core of the meaning of that word, as to how these jokes and plotlines get approved.

Okay, so why was Connie given an energy drink? So that she could be lively and complete the inventory, right? And what does she do instead? The creative personnel attached to the show have made a mockery of themselves here. It might be a bit too strict but it is the reality of the situation.

For the last Blockbuster in the store in the world, the ground reality of the cinematic universe seems to be too relaxed. This show has veered so far off it has reached a point of no return.

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