Blockbuster – Season 1 Episode 5 “King of Queens” Recap & Review

King of Queens

Kayla and Percy encourage Timmy to put himself on the dating market to get over Eliza at the start of Blockbuster episode 5. It is becoming clear that she is prioritizing her family and trying to get back with Aaron for Ali’s sake. But Timmy feels he is not ready yet.

He does set up an online profile to which Kayla also has access. Eliza confides in Connor that dating Aaron once again has made her realize how different they are. She likes elegant dining whereas Aaron settles for the more usual, rough-style experiences. She has her eye on a French restaurant in town, which has recently opened. Before the people trash it, she wants to have an elegant night out there. Connie promises to help her make that happen.

Carlos is vexed as his ex-girlfriend got married. Hannah joins in to ask and the conversation eventually leads to figuring out Carlos’ type. He likes both men and women but does not know what personality traits actually attract him. Connie joins in too and the three then try to navigate the above question.

Connie’s advice to Eliza is to video call Aaron with the French section behind her and subconsciously try to let Aaron pick the French place for dinner. The plan surprisingly works and they have a date set for Petite Maman.

Rene comes into the store to ask Timmy out on a date. he is reluctant and politely rejects her advances. But when Eliza announces she is going to dinner with Aaron, Timmy says he has a date as well and that it is Rene. Percy pumps Timmy up for the date and asks him to experiment with his dating prowess on “low-pressure” targets like Rene.

At the restaurant, Aaron and Eliza have an awkward time. Both of them really do not sink into each other too much and lack chemistry. Percy and Kayla make their way to the local bar where Rene and Timmy have their date.

The catch is that Kayla asked out two other women from the app to the same bar simultaneously. Rene is impressed by Timmy’s trivia knowledge in the quiz the bar hosts. All is going well until the other two female dates arrive at their table. Instead of a fight, the three women bond over similar interests and Timmy remains at the table as is. Kayla and Percy sit behind them and laugh at his helplessness but Timmy’s charm wins over the three women and the four have an enjoyable time together.

When he goes to the bar to get another round, he notices Eliza sitting there. Timmy knows she has come there to check up on him, which she admits later on. Carlos recognizes that he only likes narcissists, people who are too consumed with themselves. He gets upset about it and Connie and Hannah try to cheer him up. The latter deduces that Carlos is guarded and has trouble opening up to other people. That is why he chooses narcissists who do not ask too many personal questions about his life.

Carlos makes a vow to be more open in his relationships and try to make progress in his personal life. Timmy and Eliza have yet another flirtatious exchange before Aaron walks him to the bar. He says he wants to go home and Eliza leaves, watching Timmy with the other women.

The Episode Review

Blockbuster has been quite terrible until now. The characters are unrelatable, the jokes are unfunny, the setting and storylines make no sense, and the chemistry that propels such shows is missing. This episode keeps that notion alive.

Even if one subplot is working in an episode, like the Timmy-Eliza dating rivalry here, the other one just stinks. It simply puts its hands up and ruins the one that seems to be working. Carlos trying to figure out what is “his type” could not have been played out worse.

It seems fit to be a one-line joke and not an entire segment. In good shows, that would have been the case. The writers seem desperately out of ideas. And it would not have been saying for the first time in Blockbuster’s context. When you zoom out, that is all there is to this episode. And unfortunately, it does not seem like enough.

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