Blockbuster – Season 1 Episode 7 “Intimate Angels” Recap & Review

Intimate Angels

At Hollywood Harold’s estate sale, Timmy grabs valuable memorabilia at the start of Blockbuster episode 7. It is the plate that Anthony Hopkins used to serve Ray Liotta his own brains in the film Hannibal.

While the group discusses how Liotta could have been alive, Connie walks in late. She has a tendency to be late and the group, one by one, makes fun of her. Although the jokes are indeed hurtful, Connie bursts into tears as she is just back from a funeral. What is even worse is that it was for her best friend Helen. It is pointed out to Timmy that Percy, who albeit is his best friend, walks all over him. He unnecessarily uses Timmy’s things and him for his own advantage.

Though Timmy resists the label, he knows inside that it is true. Timmy is reluctant to act on it at all and instead defends Percy’s contributions and presence in difficult moments of Timmy’s life. Eliza feels bad (like always) for making fun of Connie and apologizes. The old goose recounts her wonderful times with her friend and how they used to collect the “Intimate Angels” figurines. She feels a burning sense of isolation and eventual desertion by everyone. To cheer her up, Eliza volunteers to watch a Spanish daily soap with her. But she does not know what she is getting into.

Carlos takes the initiative to try and show Timmy the light. When they see Percy using their microwave to heat up an old food item so that his microwave at his store will not smell foul and that he is eating from the memorabilia plate, Timmy loses it. He is forced to take action and storms across the street with Carlos. Timmy speaks his heart out and surprisingly, Percy takes it quite well. He says he understands how Timmy feels and that he will be more respectful going forward. Eliza is fed up with Connie’s soap opera and says that she needs to set her up with someone else. Yolanda, the third in Connie’s trifecta of besties, lives too far away to be readily accessible.

Hannah and Kayla promise to help Eliza. All of a sudden, a host of females swirl in to use Blockbuster’s washroom. And then some males. There is a long line in the store, disturbing business. The ladies’ group interviews candidates for Connie’s new friend but they are initially unsuccessful. Ultimately, they strike gold at the nail polish thing when they take the figurine to Patrice for some glue after Eliza inadvertently knocks it down. It turns out that Patrice is too into the figurines and the ladies instantly hit it off.  Timmy discovers that Percy has closed off all other toilets on the campus for “Maintenence”, The only one left open is Blockbuster’s.

Timmy approaches Lena, Carol’s daughter, and they hit it off. The two do make a good pair and it seems like she will be his romantic interest for this season. Percy and Timmy make up when the former says that he misses spending the usual time with Timmy. He promises to be more present and rejuvenate their friends like in old times. Timmy and Lena have drinks and when Eliza walks in with the other girls to check on Connie and Patrice, Eliza leaves seeing them together. It seems like she has feelings for Timmy too!

The Episode Review

Can your best friend be your bully? Blockbuster just redefined the entire history of high school films where the bully and the victim are enemies. No people can be best friends. They just don’t know that they are toxic to each other.

And the reason why the bully is heaving so is that he hasn’t been able to spend enough time with the victim. When they do spend time together, they will become best friends again. Just horrible writing once again. We see a new character in the series here, Lena, and at least the first impressions are not that bad.

Side note: doesn’t the actress playing Lena look like Allison Williams from Get Out? Anyway, Timmy and Lena seem to hit it off but most predictably, it will end up breaking the latter’s heart. Timmy and Eliza are how it is meant to be and no television Gods can prevent that from happening.

Connie finally has a new friend in Patrice and will not be so lonely anymore. Hannah and Kayla seem to be the most underutilized characters with no clear roles to play. They are just slotted into any situation to help the other characters and it is just sad.

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