Between Us: The Series – Episode 8 Recap & Review

Episode 8

Episode 8 of Between Us starts with Team being worried about exams as he frantically studies for them. Knowing that Team loves snacking on wafers, Win brings him some and helps him focus on his studies since Team’s scores were abysmally low. Team claims that he had come to terms with the fact that he was academically weak.

He asks Win decides to help him study as his tutor in exchange for 1 forehead kiss per tutoring session. Win claims that he was only tutoring Team and no one else because he was special to him and Team is trying his best to study hard. Meanwhile, Bee tries calling Prince to apologise for the scandal he was embroiled in.

Someone had captured photos of Bee giving Prince a ride on his bike which blew up on the internet. Bee wants to confess his feelings for the actor but ends up chickening out. Bee calls Prince back and musters up the courage to say that he wanted to date Prince.

The next morning, Win asks Team to wish him good luck for his exams with a kiss on the cheek. Team unwillingly agrees as he was never going to be able to tutor Win. Manow tries her best to help Team study for his exam but eventually ends up making fun of him in the cafeteria. After the exam, Win drives Team back to the dorms and asks him about his paper.

Team is thankful for Win’s help and tells him that he would be crashing at his apartment like every other day. That night, Win and Team discuss Dean and Pharm’s red thread theory about being each other’s soulmates. When Team states that the red thread implied an unbroken bond, Win claims that a red thread, just like any other thread could be easily broken.

Win claims that a relationship should be tied with something as tough as a hemp rope if anything and states that the hemp rope is their version of a red thread. Team is at Win’s house when his parents arrive. Win introduces Team as his junior from college and Team is a little shocked.

Win’s father is furious about Waan slacking off yet again but Wiew tries to defend their older brother in front of their dad. Win asks Team to take Wiew outside and talks to his father alone. Wiew explains how expanding the family business drove his dad far away from his sons and that had built a lot of pressure on his older brothers.

Team tries his best to calm Wiew down while Win’s mother brings him some snacks apologising for the ruckus caused by her husband. She asks Team if Win was seeing someone considering Team was a friend and a junior of Win. Team states that he did not know that and excuses himself. Team leaves confused and heartbroken.

Win has a mature conversation with his dad making the old man realise the importance of prioritising his family over the business. Wiew tells Win that Team had left and Win wonders why the junior did not meet him before leaving. Team is having drinks with his friends where he brings up his uncertain relationship status.

His friends encourage him to take the first move and discuss their relationship status if he was feeling insecure about it and overthinking. Team takes the advice and decides to confront Win. The next day, Win and Team are at a cafe getting coffee before their tutoring session. The two bicker over coffee and then get to Team’s room to study. In the room, Win insinuates that Team never forgets the things that he teaches the junior with passion.

Team mentions that he remembered certain things because Win kissed him on the forehead after telling him those things. The two bicker flirtatiously when Team suddenly musters up the courage to ask him about their relationship status. He ends up chickening out but suddenly jumps to kiss Win on the forehead before heading into the shower.

The next day, Team, Manow and Pharm are checking their scores and everyone including Team is shocked to see that Team had gotten a B. Manow and Pharm hope to be tutored by Win too considering he was able to get a failing student, like Team score a B. Team explains that Win charges a fee of forehead kisses from his tutees.

He diverts the conversation and goes to the cafeteria. At the same time, Prince asks A, Bee and Sea to come over to his house for a party since going out for drinks was not possible for the actor. Dean picks up Pharm from the university to see Christmas lights and brings him a change of clothes.

Team goes to meet Win at his dorm room but assumes that Win would be with his family for Christmas. Shockingly, Win is inside the apartment and invites the junior in. Team tells Win that Pharm was with his loved one, Dean while Win shares that Manow too was with Phruek.

The junior tells Win that he had gotten a B grade on the exams and asks for a gift to celebrate this. Win hands over a key to his room as a present shocking Team. He asks Win to go see the Christmas lights with a pout that forces Win to agree.  

The Episode Review

I wish the story was better written but it seems like Between Us is starting to get a little slow for viewers now. Team trauma is not resolved yet but we are suddenly delving into another issue – their relationship status. I am not sure how much more Win has to do in order to show that Team mattered to him.

With Win introducing Team to his parents as his junior, I find this totally valid. Asian households are still culturally backed which makes the concept of homosexuality alien to most parents, however trendy and hip they would seem.

I wish there was more romance between Team and Win and it is safe to say that the couple got a lot more action as a side couple in Until We Meet Again in comparison to now, as the main leads.

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